Happy 2021 Lovelies!

It's WEDDING year and I still need some pinching to wake me up💍

I know, I know it's been a long time no hear from me. I'm truly sorry for that. Y'all know how the holiday season can be though. All the hustle and bustle adds up so quickly leaving you feel stressed and overwhelmed. It's an every year occurrence for so many of us. I for one know I put way too much stuff on my plate, and the perfectionist that I am struggles if I don't get it all done. So this is why I went MIA from here. I needed to drop a few things off for the time being, but babyyy I'm back! I'm reenergized! I'm ready to take on this New Year with everything if has to offer.

If you lovelies haven't chosen a word to theme this year yet, I strongly suggest that you do.

I did and I feel as if it's definitely going to help me stay true to it throughout the year.


I want this year particularly to feel nothing short of a fairytale and what is mostly needed in order to do so? Magic.

With everything from wedding planning to life in general, I want to let go of the stress and live in the moment. It's so easy to worry and let the little things consume us, but is it really worth it in the end? No, it's not. Being upset and letting that fuel your emotions doesn't get you anywhere. Trust I've been there. It's hard when you're having those feelings, but take a moment to step back and look at the bigger picture. What truly fuels you for success is joy. When your life is full of love and happiness you're capable of projecting that onto others. So my main goal for the year is to make it "Magical" and fill it with the excitement that consumes your body with emotions.

There will be lots of wedding updates throughout the year and I can't wait to share them all with you.

Be safe. Stay Healthy. Live Magically.

Happy New Year Lovelies!



Let's talk Diva shall we...

Cruella was one of the first looks I put together, and I was so happy how she turned out. She was the one who kicked it all off and set the tone of what I was ultimately going for.

It's all about the fur darling, oh and spots! I found the Dalmatian top at Zara's along with the leather skort. The fur jacket was a find from Shein. It's actually blush pink, but for character integrity I changed it to cream in the photos. Def a statement piece for the winter for sure. The booties were from Amazon believe it or not, and they're quite comfortable. Lastly, my "long cigarette" is a piece of paper colored and rolled up into one of my green plastic straws I had at home, lol. Hey when you need that little extra to really make it work, you figure it out in a pinch.

The Little Mermaid was always one of my favorites so Ursula was an obvious choice to portray. For the fit I found this at Zara... like a lot of these looks. They just are winning me over lately. This black jumper tho is one of my fave finds recently. So so cute and can be worn with so many different pieces. The necklace I actually made with craft supplies from michael's. I think this shoot is one that turned out way better than we thought it was going to. Sometimes during these shoots you have to remember if stuff isn't working , don't beat yourself up. Have fun and laugh it off. If it's necessary you can always try a redo another day. Most the time tho you will have great things and you're just too in your head at the moment.

Ok now not quite an actual "villain" per say, but Megara is most definitely one of the most sassy disney characters out there, and I'm so freaking here for it! I found this fit at Zara... go figure and I just had to include her in my little challenge. She did have to do Hades' dirty work so she kinda fits the bill. This lilac color tho is amazing! Absolutely obsessed. The backpack is Loungefly, and is adorable with baby Herc & Peg on there. I had to shoot solo on this one and like how I mentioned you most likely will have something within what you took... this was one outhouse days. I was trying to beat the rain, wanted her to be perfect, had no clue my surrounding, and on my own... so had a few obstacles to deal with, but in the end she turned out amazing (to me).

I hope you enjoyed a little more details behind these Diva's looks. I put so much time and effort into making these all as perfect as I could I feel like I gotta continue to share more about them. So many of you loved seeing them on my IG, and I thank you for that love! Incase you missed the posts, you can check them out HERE. Also, here are the modeled lookbooks and behind the scenes if you're interested in viewing :)



Sharing a little Villain inspo in this finally week leading up to Halloween!

If you lovelies follow my on Instagram then you already know I have created a photo challenge for us all to participate in for funsies. It's the #xoxoVillainStyle challenge, and it's not to late to play and post some of your own villain inspirations. Head to my post HERE for the details!

I thought it would be nice for those of you who are subscribed to my blog though to share the details and inspo about each fit! Some have been harder than others, but all in all it has been so fun doing.


Her look was one on the simpler side. I found this burgundy dress on Shein, and knew it would work for her. The high neck and sleeves made it! This dress also could have worked for Mother Gothel, but I was feeling the wicked Stepmother instead.

I already had the "glass slipper" at home. Those are actually a designer look a like I found off of amazon. They're quite nice on for a Louboutin look under $50! The cream booties are new from Nordies, and they have other colors. Lovelies, they are soooo comfortable! Like I may need another color in them, that's how much I love this lace up style. So victorian and y'all know I'm here for that inspo. Lastly, the necklace I made with supplies from Michael's. She wears a teal pendant necklace and this totally completed the look.

I pulled half my hair back to give the idea of her bouffantness updo and that was that.

You can shop the look below and I'll have my discount codes listed too. See the IG post HERE. Stay tuned for lots more this week.



*Shein 15% off "T3LoveLaura"


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