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A Flawless Natural Look

MOISTURE CREAM: MAC | PRIMER: MAC (another option HERE) | EYE CREAM: Bobbie Brown | FIX+: MAC | FOUNDATION: MAC (fluid linked HERE) | CONCEALER: Tarte | TRANSLUCENT POWDER: Ben Nye (other good options HERE & HERE) |POWDER: MAC | DIPBROW: Anastasia | BROW GEL: Anastasia

So I had been getting asked a lot of questions on how I get my makeup look, so I thought I'd break down the steps for you to see for yourself :)

Above I have a step by step video of how I get my daily natural look and the products that I use. Being a performer, I typically will not go a day without putting some sort of makeup on my face... I'm so use to seeing myself with a full face on that I've gotten use to it to be my norm. I usually will always put a base on which is what you'll see in this brief tutorial. The process really isn't too much, me trying to talk while demonstrating just makes it seem so, hehe.

As you can see, I'm a MAC girl for most of my products! I have always had great luck with them and how they apply to my face. The moisture cream has been one I've used for years now, and it really locks in the moisture to hydrate my face.

Using a primer... I'll be honest I haven't always used this and sometimes will forget to apply, but when I do I can definitely tell a difference. My face looks much smoother when the primer is used, and the foundation applies more evenly. This particular one is from MAC, but some of my girlfriends have recommended Elf primers that work great and are less expensive by far. There's 2 options HERE & HERE.

Next up, this EYE CREAM! Ok, so I'm the type of girl who likes to keep the steps to a minimal and use to not use or believe in all these different creams are used for this or that... Well I was wrong. I heard about how awesome this little jar of cream was and I really didn't want to invest in it because it is costly, but I thought to myself give it a try it might actually help in the long run. I always get super dry throughout the corner and under eye region even with daily moisturizing and now that I've been using Bobbi Brown's hydrating eye cream I can see a huge difference! Through out the day I use to flake, or my makeup would look caky and sink into the fine wrinkles making me feel older... After using this product for just a little over 2 weeks now my eyes don't do this anymore. It definitely is worth trying this eye cream out if you have similar issues as mine.

You can see the rest of my fave products and other comparable options below and check out the tutorial to see how I apply them!




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