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A Flawless Natural Look, pt.2

EYESHADOWS: MAC (via Nordstrom) | EYELINER: MAC (via Nordstrom) | MASCARA: Too Faced | WATERLINER: MAC (via Nordstrom) | BLUSH: MAC (via Nordstrom) | LIPSTICK: Kylie Lip Kit

Natural Look complete:

Natural Look

Alright friends, I finally was able to get the 2nd part to my daily look up for you to see.

Make sure if you missed part 1 to take a look at it, that explains what products I use and how I apply them to get my flawless coverage. Part 2 focuses on my eyes, and how I highlight my cheeks and lips.

Here's a list of the colors I use pretty much daily:

Eyeshadow: Blanc Type, Soft Brown, Wedge, Girlie

Blush: Dolly Mix

Lips: Posie K, or another fave of mine Blue Raspberry by Bobbi Brown

As always play around with colors and your technique, this is just what I find to work best for me. I have a few other similar neutral colors that I go between using, but these 4 are what really make my blue eyes pop! The Girlie in particular, that's what does it after applying it to the lid. And as I mention in the video, always use a matte color in the crease of your eye. This allows the eye to create the depth your looking for. Save shimmer shadows for the lid or the corner of your eye.

Also, if your like me you've tested out hundreds of different mascaras to find that one that really works for you... well this is the one! Better Than Sex Mascara by Too Faced is simply amazing. When applied it gives your lashes the definition you want, it lengths, and makes them look full. It also comes in a waterproof edition, SAY WHAT!!! Perfect for those beach days.

I hope this answers some of your questions on how I get my daily look. Thanks for the love and enjoy!




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