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Trick to a Tight Toned Tush

TOP: Lululemon (old, similar HERE & HERE) | LEGGINGS: Alo | CUFF: Henri Bendel | WATCH: Apple | SOCKS: Pointe Studio (old, similar HERE)

Not all of us have the time always to get to the gym or take a class, so what's so great about this exercise is that it can be done at home or while traveling! Get deep into the outter portion of your glutes by performing this kneeling seat work.


1. Start on your hands and knees, keep your elbows slightly soft.

2. Extend one leg back & then slide it out to the side about 6 inches (you'll feel the side of your seat catch)

3. Draw your abs up towards your spine to support your back

4. Lift your extend leg up (it may not go as high as you think it should in order to keep your back flat)

5. Choreographic Options:

+ Small lifts up (slow or fast)

+ Tiny Circles

+ Small squeezes in

6. Challenge:

+ Extend your opposite arm as leg out in front of you. Feel your Abs get extra tight now!

And there you have it! Pretty simple, but not so easy. You'll definitely feel the outter part of your seat trigger. This is great to carve out that dancer's dent in the side of your cheek. It not only is challenging your butt, but it's giving your core a workout at the same time!

Enjoy toning your seat, after all bikini season will be right around the corner after all!




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