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My Trick to Deep Cleaning My Makeup Brushes

GLOVE: Sigma via Amazon or Nordstrom | BRUSHES: Sephora & MAC

I'm sure it's safe to say that we all have been in the same position before where we've struggled to get our makeup brushes throughly clean. I know I've tried several different solutions and techniques and what's left after taking the time to "clean" those little wands that make us look beautiful... dirty bristles!

To be honest the best thing I've found to really get the dirt and grime out of my brushes is... wait for it... DAWN dish soap!!! Something so simple, cheap, and convenient to pick up from the store. I've tried different solutions from Sephora and MAC, but I just feel like I'm waisting the product with those because you have to use to much and before you know it the bottles out. With Dawn all you need is a dime size portion to do the trick.

My next secret weapon I found and LOVE to make my brushes like new is the rubber mitt from Sigma. This is a total game changer in cleaning those stubborn bristles. You can see there's an "Eye" side and a "Face" side with 5 different textures each to really get in between those bristles and remove every last bit of makeup hiding in there!

My Trick to Deep Cleaning My Makeup Brushes

Eyes: smaller textured patterns for those tiny brushes

My Trick to Deep Cleaning My Makeup Brushes

Face: lager textured for those big powder and blush brushes

My Trick to Deep Cleaning My Makeup Brushes

For funzies I've posted my Insta story below to see the cleaning steps in action! Sorry for the shitty vertical view...


My Trick to Deep Cleaning My Makeup Brushes


My Trick to Deep Cleaning My Makeup Brushes

Also, another bonus I've come to notice when cleaning my brushes with the Sigma mitt, is that they actually dry quickly! How many times have you washed your brushes before bed and you wake up the next morning expecting them to be dry and they're not?!? I promise you that is no longer a problem, I think part of it is because the last step I do with the mitt is "ring/squeeze out" any access water by dragging the bristles between my thumb and index finger. No towel or whipping the bristles to get that pesky water out, lay them flat and come back like an hour or two later and they're good to go.

You should definitely try this product out, I'm telling you my brushes have never felt so fresh and clean after a washing like they do by combining this mitt & dawn.

They are seriously like NEW!

Baby soft bristles and no frustrations that you waisted your time in the process.

So... GO clean your brushes! What are you waiting for ;)




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