The Perfect Little Easter Dress

DRESS: Lilly Pulitzer | SHOES: Vince Camuto | CUFF: Henri Bendel | BRACELET: Henri Bendel | EARRINGS: Lilly Pulitzer

First off, I hope everyone had a Happy Easter this past weekend!

Larry and I definitely had a lovely day enjoying our last little trip adventures in Key West before we had to pack up for the long drive back to Orlando. I'll have more posts up soon about our actual trip down in The Keys, but I wanted to just talk about my cute little Easter dress before it was too far behind really.

To be honest, I've had this little dress for a couple years and each spring I look forward to wearing it because it's just perfect. I love the white lace overlay of the pretty beach floral print. It makes it the prettiest of pastels for spring, in this case Easter. This is a Lilly Pulitzer find, which of course all of her stuff is just beautiful. I can't get enough of it especially living down here in Florida, her prints are perfect for this vibe down here. Like I said this dress is an oldie, so I've linked some other options that are either similar or I think super cute for the season. See them in the widget at the bottom of the post :)

Hah, when you're trying to find places to take photos... Does this look good honey?!? LOL

I just loved how there were so many places on the island with such bright colorful houses. I thought this was a must for the occasion, plus the pretty flowers added a nice touch for my Easter shots.

Also, another key item of my trip is this new little bag from Henri Bendel. The Peru bag was perfect while we were zipping around the island on our scooter. Small enough to take with me and hold everything I needed while out. It's great because it has the clasping closure, but once opened there's enough space to fit your phone, sunglasses, gum, and the thing I always have a hard time getting squeezed into my clutches is my lipstick! Plus the front has a wallet section for your cards that magnetically closes, so it really is the best for a small carry all. The bright yellow was something fun and different for me... usually I would've chose the pink but I stepped out side my box this time. It also comes in white and black too.

Tried to do something new and fun for a quick up do this morning. I learned my lesson the night before with wearing my hair down and pretty while scooting around the island... I had such terrible knots. I couldn't even run my fingers through them to try and get them out. It was a painful eve trying to detangle the mess I created lol, so up the hair went the next morn.

I teased the top slightly to give it a little extra lift, but then all I did was french braid the top section to about ear level. Then I pulled the rest up into a high pony tail and wrapped it into a messy bun. I thought it looked super nice and that it took more time than it actually did to do. Give it a shot next time you decide to throw your hair up.

One last detail I wanna tell you all about are these cute Vince Camuto espadrilles I just got! OMG, are they COMFY!!! I was a little skeptical when I ordered them, because to be honest it's not the style I normally would go for, but since they've become a big trend for the season I was kind of wanting to try some out. Well I'm so pleased that I did, not only are these super cute with the metallic nude material, but they are the most comfortable shoe I think I've found in a while. Surprisingly theres was no "breaking in" needed, and I even had blisters on the backs of my heels from another shoe I had worn the day prior and these still made my shoe of choice to wear for the entire trip!

Stay tuned for more details from our quick island getaway. We had such a great time, even though it was only for like a day and a half...



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