All About Our Trip to Key West

I'm so excited to share the details of our trip down to Key West this past weekend. Sorry it's coming to you like a week later... Work ugh. Lar and I were so pumped though because neither of us had ever been so it was going to be a new adventure for both of us!

Just so you know I'm going to be doing a huge round up of my outfits throughout this post, so you'll be able to see each look I had for the trip and shop it here :)

As you can see I'm ready to go and set with all the beach vibes! Love this Lilly Pulitzer top for all the bright colors and fun beach print. It was perfect for the drive down, super comfy while being put together and ready once we arrived. And if you're wondering about my cute pompom tassel bag charm, YES I made it myself! I'm so pumped about my bag charm because to be honest I saw one exactly like it on an ugly beach bag that was priced at $150... I said the only cute thing about this bag is the pompom tassel, so I made it! I'll have another post up soon on how to create these cute little charms yourself. So cheap, and cute, and can have any color or order option you want!

First off, the drive down ended up taking way longer than google said it was going to, so we didn't get as much time down there on Friday but it was still awesome & I think the funnest evening by far because we just kept running around exploring everything. After we made it to our bed and breakfast we took the scooter and hit Duval Street! That's like pretty much where everything is. We made our way over to Mallory Square to see the sun set, which was beautiful if only the few houses that were out on another separate little island wouldn't have been covering it lol. It was still super cool though, because the square was FULL of people and there were tons of street performers and food stands.

After walking around there for a little we ventured along the streets taking it all it. It was very touristy like many places, but didn't have that much of a touristy feeling to it at the same time. There were so many bars, restaurants, and gift shops it was hard to choose where to go first... good thing we got recommendations from our friends! To name our faves, we really enjoyed Hogs Breath and the Green Parrot. Chill, live music, and nothin fancy.

As you can see, we had just a little bit of fun running around to all the bars ;)

The next morn we had so much we wanted to hit up plus have time at the beach so we got an early start. First we had a delicious breakfast at Blue Heaven. Thanks for the recommendation Ben. It was so good we had decided we were going back the next morn to try something else lol. Besides being good it was so cute too. We kicked off Larry's birthday celebration with mimosas none the less ;)

After fueling up for the day we wanted to find the Southern most point marker so off we scooted. Not gonna lie, not that impressed with the decision to make that marker like a traffic cone, but whatevs we saw it and have proof we were there. It was nuts the amount of people standing in line to get a legit photo with it, we didn't have time for that haha.

Fort Zachary Taylor was next on the agenda. We were told that there weren't actually too many beaches down in Key West, but we couldn't wrap our mind around that idea. I mean we're surrounded by water, shouldn't it all be the beach?! Well the Fort was suppose to be the beach to go to so we went...

It definitely was different from what we were expecting. It was super pretty, but sooooo ROCKY! The view was beautiful as you'll be able to see slightly, but even the sand was full of rocks, it hurt to walk on. Plus it was super windy at that location, so we decided to peace it and head to the actual fort.

It was just a tad bit COLD!

I was determined to stand on the rocks though.

Up top on one portion of the fort's roof. It was a pretty neat view to look out and see all blue sea.

This was a spiral stairwell that we came across. It looked like it was never-ending

Larry was also super stoked while we were there because we ran into this "tour guide." I believe he just had a lot of care for the Fort and liked going there in his spare time to talk with the people about the history of it which is cool, but he even was decked out in an entire military get up from back in the day... random, but to each their own. He did know quite a lot though so it was interesting hearing all the stories.

From here we zipped over to Smather's Beach. The actual beach! It basically lined the coast of the A1A. It was pretty nice, so chilled there for a bit. It was so windy though and we were tired of being pelted with sand so we left not to long after lol. We decided to go back over to Duval Street get a little snack then head to the hotel to start getting ready for the evening. On the way back though we ran into the 0 mile marker which was another place on our check list to find. All Larry cared about was getting a shot of his scooter in front of it because it's like traveled the world lol.

Below you'll find my fave cover up for the season! It was perfect for the day, because we ended up exploring more so than being at the beach so it served as a cute dress instead.

After exploring for the day we made it home to get ready for another nice night out. It was time to get dolled up now to look good for my honey ;)

We headed over to the Marina to see the restaurant options they had over there, and walked around for a bit dreaming that we owned the yachts we were passing by. So crazy and if only. The rest of the night pretty much just consisted of of zippin around on the scooter checking other places out, but it had been quite a long day so we didn't stay out too long this evening. We had to make sure to explore the next morning before leaving to go home home.

Loved that I finally got to wear my Lilly dress. It was the perfect occasion, the scooter just made it a little difficult hopping on and off lol. I had had this dress for a couple years actually (sorry another oldie), but I seriously just took the tags off prior to the trip. It was one of those where I loved it, but I never had a place to really wear and plus I needed to get it fitted cause was a tad big in odd areas. Anyways I was stoked and Larry loved it too, so that's all that mattered ;)

And these shoes I can not wear without getting so many compliments and questions on where they're from! They are super adorable and surprisingly comfy for how tall they are. I advise you all to go to Nordstrom and pick these Jeffrey Campbell shoes up for yourselves. You will get so much wear out of them I promise. Below is another style that's super cute too.

After bfast we wanted to take the scooter on a tour one last time before heading out for Orlando. Another place I wanted to find was Glazed, a fancy donut shop. I'm not even necessarily a donut lover, but these were so extravagant and yummy. We got a half dozen to go... FAT KIDS I know lol, but we needed a snack for the car right?!! Lar got like the basic normal donuts, but I ventured out and had to have the maple bourbon bacon, milk & honey, and I think my fave the blueberry muffin donut. It was a hard tie between the blueberry and bacon, but I'm a sweet tooth so the blueberry had that little bit of extra sweetness to win me over. After this we were on our way out and back home.

We had a nice Easter morn walking around the streets of the island though, definitely one to remember.

I hope you've enjoyed hearing all about our trip down to The Keys! We definitely had a lot of fun and I think Larry's birthday celebration went over well for him. Only I'd change is the amount of time we had down there. Oh and how long the drive is, woof. We for sure will be going down again though and next time will take our time down there.



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