Your Spring Bendel Girl Essentials

As you all are slightly aware, my absolute favorite store to deck myself out in accessories is Henri Bendel! There's no doubt that I'll be a Bendel Girl FOREVER!!!

I wanted to share with you all my favorites that were released for this Spring. There were hands down so many cute things that I just couldn't resist getting. It's like they read my mind on things I had been dreaming about, and created it lol.

My number one fave of for the Spring was this darling pink cross body satchel!

Immediately as soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it. I even called the store and asked if they could put the bag and this cute little bandana on hold for me, luckily they kinda know me ;) Thank goodness hehehe

Ahh, dying I'm so in love with it! The detailing perforated design is perfect. Has that little extra, yet simple. And of course I had to make it girlier by adding the bandana as a bow to complete the look.

Also, you can get a close up look at these aviators that I also couldn't put down after seeing. They're mine now lol, and I wear them like everyday as of late. I think I stated before that it's hard for me to pull off this style, so these won me over, especially with the black and tan wrap detailing on the arms.

You've probably seen multiple pix of me rocking this Soho Tassel necklace and Petal Wrap too. Not gonna lie, I don't usually wear all that many necklaces, but really like this tassel detail on this one and honestly it matches almost everything because of the soft peachy pink color. As for this petal wrap you can see on my wrist in the above photo is so cool because it doubles as a choker too! 2 in 1 heck yeah! Again, the choker trend was a little hard for me to jump on board with. Not sure why, just not necessarily my style, but there has been a few I've really liked and would say I'm on board.

Another must have I was dying to get was this gorgeous white and brown striped tote you'll see below! I was being bad one night and actually popped open the email I got from Bendels and this set was being showcased. It's just beautiful. I'm so glad I ended up getting this tote, because it had been a great work bag for me. Everything that I need obviously fits in this ginormous sized tote hah, but I carry a lot so it was needed. Also with the thicker shoulder straps it doesn't kill my shoulder while carrying.

As you can see my friend Ben and I love our bags, and don't have fun at work at all ;)

Notice the tassel necklace and sunglasses once again ;)

Next up, The W 57th Tassel Hobo. I mean seriously, look at how stunning this handbag is plus it's so fun! You got your basic tan neutral so it'll match pretty much EVERYTHING, but it had the pop of colors braided into the strap and side tassels to create a since of "I'm young and fun!" Also, did you see Vanessa Hudgens rocking this exact one...

She totally copied me ;)

See... Copy Cat ;)

Also, how showstopper are these cat eyes?! Love a big sunglass and the mirrored lens are super in right now too, so chic.

Last on my list to share with you all, but definitely the item that has gotten the most use so far is this cute little Peru bag. It is by far the most functional when it comes to being small yet holds exactly what you would need for a night out. It's big enough to hold your sunglasses, phone, and carry a powder or lipstick... because you know all clutches are usually so tight and you can't fit anything but your cards and phone in them. Also, it has a magnetic flap that pulls down to reveal your wallet space! PERFECT, like I said!

It definitely was my perfect little go to bag on our trip down to Key West just last week. That's all I took with me and made the trip easy for me to have everything I needed while zipping around on a scooter.

Oh I almost forgot, this adorable pink tassel tote. This one I actually did not end up getting because it was the giveaway bag at my Bendel Bash party, but if you recall my mom ended up winning lol. So eventually maybe down the road I might get to use it after all. I've turned her into quite the Bendel Girl herself so I'm not sure if she'll be willing to part with this or not, but it's super cute and I'm glad she'll get to wear and be playful for the Summer with it!

I hope you've enjoyed all my selections to be stylish for Spring, and Summer right around the corner. Maybe I even turned you into a Bendel Girl if you weren't one before. Trust me you won't be upset if you become addicted like me... just your wallet because you'll want everything it's all so CUTE!

Make sure if your in the Orlando area to follow @henribendel_millenia on Instagram for all the latest they receive in store and keep watch on Lace Love and Laura for special events as I team up with the store for more fun.

Bendel LOVE Realness!





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