The Original Leather Satchel

Hey friends!

So I want to share with you all about this company that handcrafts some really cute bags. They were brought to my attention through a friend. I saw her rocking this chic yellow backpack from The Leather Satchel Co. once she came back from her trip over to England and I had to get more details about them. So, I pretty much did the basic like anyone else would do and followed them on Instagram hah. They honestly have so many styles it's hard to chose which one I like best... I'll just have to get them all, eventually ;)

The coolest part about this post and my tie into being even more into the company then I was before is that one of my other friend's fiancé actually is the Commercial Director for the U.S.!!! How cool is that?!! I was so grateful they thought of me to help promote the brand over here in the States and immediately said yes to helping out anyway I could. I know what you're probably thinking... they're her friends and she's just saying how awesome they are because of that, but in all honestly that's not the case at all. I actually really am in love with how nice, simplistic, and functional these satchels are!!!

To give you a little tidbit on their origin, The Leather Satchel Co. originated in Liverpool, England back in 1966 and is the original leather satchel. All of their handbags are made from 100% cowhide leather which you can get pretty much any color in the leather that you'd like. There are so many different options from bright, neutral, pastel, patent, distressed, or even having a design printed onto the leather! Like I said, soooooo many that it makes it really hard to choose which is best lol. Plus the amount of styles with all of them being so darling! You'll get to see a few of the styles below throughout my pics, but I absolutely fell in love with the saddle bag backpack and the little cross body sporran.

Ok, so enough talking/reading, lets get into the seeing and perusing of these gorgeous bags! I'll show them in sections by they're style so it'll make it easier for ordering yours once done browsing ;)

The Saddle Bag Backpack (pictured in Coral Reef)

I just LOVE this little backpack! First off, look at this amazing coral color. It's so pretty for the Spring and Summer months. The saddle style is also something I really am enjoying because it's not something you see done in a backpack that often. It actually is one of their NEW styles for 2017! And look at this little buckle closure, I just think the simplistic details are so cute.

The Portrait Tote (pictured in Fresh Mint)

If you're the tote style type of gal here's a couple options for you then. Again the colors of these bags are just beautiful and the sturdiness holds the shape so nicely. The above is the normal Portrait Tote which is a tad bit bigger than the taupe Mini Portrait Tote you'll see below. The only other difference between the two is that the regular has a flap snap closure and the mini has a snap top closure inside.

The Mini Portrait Tote (pictured in Naked Taupe)

So the lighting makes it a little hard to see, but this is one of the bags in the Patent leather collection. It's so beautiful in person. You can kind of see the shine in a few of these pics.

The Hipster Satchel (pictured in Baby Blue)

This is also another new style from the 2017 collection. It's so adorable! I just love how small it is. With that being said if you own a, iPhone 7plus... it is slightly hard to squeeze in there lol. I got mine in there, and I think after time the leather will loosen up with use, but it was a tight fit. Still doesn't change my mind on how cute this little bag is though. It would be great for an outing where you don't need that much with you: Like a day at the park, or a brunch, or night out!

The Sporran (pictured in Dayglow Yellow)

Ok, how stinking cute it this little nugget?!!

Yeah it's a super tiny cross body satchel, but omg I can't get over how cute it is. As you can probably tell this bag is in the "Dayglow Yellow" from the neon collection. My goodness is this one bright. As we were shooting I pulled this one out of the dustbag and thought I was going to go blind with the sun beaming off to it lol. So pretty, vibrant, and fun for summer.

This bag style honestly would be great for a little girl though! I remember when I was little I always was carrying around a little purse to hold my chapsticks and whatever other odds and ends I could fit in there... probably like my beanie baby or rocks or something lol. Otherwise, I know I could rock this out for an evening! It could hold the essentials for the night out and I'd just make Larry carry my phone in his pocket ;)

The 8.5" Festival Satchel (pictured in Bellflower Purple)

The Windsor Backpack (pictured in Oak)

Ok so obviously this backpack doesn't match my look or dress, but I thought it was so nice I wanted to show it off. I think this bag is definitely a nice one for that special guy in your life! I would totally rock this, but I def think it had a little more masculine feel to it... unless you get it made in baby pink or something haha. It would make for a great work bag if your an office person or teacher to carry all those papers along with your laptop.

The Small Pixie (pictured in Rosy Red)

Another cross body style, just with a turn lock style closer!

The 12.5" Classic Satchel (pictured in a combo of pastels: Candy Floss, Sugared Lime, Cloud Cream, and Sherbet Lemon)

And the last that we got a chance to shoot with is this classic satchel done up not so classic. Love the basic satchel style for sure it's so professional and sleek yet the colors of this one are so fun. I couldn't think of anything else besides an adorable little Easter egg ;)

I love me a good pastel, and this bag had plenty of them in there! Also, on that note I wanted to make it known that when ordering and choosing your style and color(s) you can most definitely choose more than one and piece it together how you'd like just how this one is shown.

It doesn't look like this shoot was any fun at all right, lol.

That's another plus when getting to work with friends, you're always going to have a good time!

So I know that was A LOT of handbags I just showed you. Think of it as your own personalized shopping forum where I show you everything that is super cute and that you should buy because you wanna be totally stylish (insert squinted eyed tongue out emoji)! Anyways, you should definitely check The Leather Satchel Co. out online and see what might tickle your fancy.

Did I mention, that celebrities are loving The Leather Satchel Co as well?!! You can find Emma Stone, Elle Fanning, Lauren Conrad, and Sophia Bush to name a few who have been rocking these beauties around town. You don't want to miss out on the trend and to me it's even more exciting to know that your bag has been personally handcrafted with care from the workshop in Liverpool, England. I mean that's pretty neat in my opinion.

The good news is that my friend is the commercial director for the US, like I mentioned, and he is over here now currently marketing the brand for shops to pick up The Leather Satchel Co. And for those of you here in the Orlando area there's even better news for you... As we speak there are bags being handcrafted for selected Winter Park boutiques and they will be ready for purchase very soon!






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