• Laura Ann Iberg

April Round Up

It's that time for another monthly ROUND UP!!!

April was such a busy month for me and personally I think blog wise one of the best months I've had yet. This month has definitely felt like things are falling into the right place and taking off even more so than they already have, and I couldn't be happier. I'm so so grateful for all the opportunities that have come my way, the people I've met with in the blogger community here in the Orlando area, and to work and collaborate with so many has truly been so awesome!

I'll take you back through my looks of the month from my long goddess like gown to that super cute fringe back cover up everyone is LOVING this season. You'll find it all below, along with other options I think are equally as cute. Simply click on the pix and it'll take you to where you need, to SHOP :)

This dress is Ark & Co, from the Stitch & Arrow boutique in Windermere, FL. If you live in the Orlando area and you haven't checked this boutique out yet, you NEED to! I can't believe how many compliments I got wearing this dress this evening at my Bendel event. I felt like the goddess of shopping lol.

This dress is from Jardin by Macris! I absolutely am in love with it. The style is the Emma dress, your'e welcome ;) I think I need to order another in a different color, that's how much I love it.

It's so soft and lightweight, great for the heat here in FL.

Also, all these handbags are from the Leather Satchel Co. I wrote a complete style guid about their handcrafted satchels just a few days ago, check it out to get the full details on there 100% leather beauties!

Another item from the super cute and chic Stitch & Arrow boutique in Windermere, FL... and more awesome handbags from The Leather Satchel Co.

That time when Henri Bendel Millenia gave me the hook up to be all Bendel Girl'd out... even more so than I already am! This was so fun getting to play and shoot with all the new Spring items that came out. Although, guess who left with the entire store... THIS GIRL! lol I just couldn't help it, I needed everything ;)

Oh oh, another Stitch & Arrow top! If you haven't gotten the hint that I adore this boutique and now you should too.

This denim OTS top was a recent find at Target! Super cute, not expensive at all, and great for casual or dress up.

The IT cover up for the season!

Head over to Shop Bop and get yours, I won't be mad if we're twinsies ;) or just click below!!!

This top has been one of my faves for Spring! I mean a shirt this cute and girl for only like $25 dollars, how can you beat this?!! Also it was pretty exciting to get featured on Target's Awesome Shop forum with my look!!!

Click the 2 links below to check them out:

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I hope you all have enjoyed some of my Spring looks for April! I'll do my best to keep'em coming. Stay tuned for May :)




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