Living in my own Fairytale

DRESS: Windsor Store | JEWLERY: Henri Bendel | SHOES: Kate Spade

Ok, so you ever feel like your living in a fairytale at times. Like some things can't be happening or just the vibe you're getting feels so unreal... well that was me with this photoshoot! I mean a HUGE thanks to my girl, Kaitlyn Swanson for making me feel so special throughout this shoot, and creating the perfect picture. I am so in love with all of these photos, she's just incredible. I most definitely recommend contacting her if you're in need of new headshots or need any work done for that matter, she's just amazing!

Now to get talking about my dress, which added a big part in making this feel so much like a fairytale. This particular dress I'm wearing is from Windsor Store. I had never heard of them until my friend Arin, thanks girl, told me about them. So, sorry not sorry I had to do a "Bitch Stole My Look" moment and order the dress she told me about... love you girl ;)

Anyways, you would never guess that this dress was UNDER a $100!!! I know, right incredible.

Take a peak for yourself...

The sheer long sleeve maxi made me feel like I was in an evening gown. This dress is nice as you can see above that there is a shorter layer underneath so it's not see through, and gives it a little more of a sexy on trend vibe. The only thing I had to doctor up on this dress was the plunging neckline. It's beautiful don't get me wrong, but for someone without a lot of chest to fill it out, it kept shifting on me, so I simply tacked it close and now it's perfect.

In this moment I felt as I was waiting on my Prince to come whisk me off my feet... LOL not that you care, but I feel like talking you through my dream fairytale as it happened that evening ;)

Take a look at my makeup in this pic, you got a nice look at my lids ;) I used the Anastasia Beverly Hills romance eye pallet to do this. Used about 4 of the colors to blend together.

Oh here I was a Vogue model haha, it was so hard for me to make a serious/mad face. Kaitlyn kept telling me, that's good but be more mad lol. I just couldn't get it.

You also probably have been noticing my jewelry, or at least I have been while scrolling lol. I'm decked out in all Henri Bendel, as a true Bendel Girl would be! The piece I'm loving most in this look is the Duchess Tassel necklace... Thanks Mom for my present from when I hosted my Bendel party. I absolutely love it, and it goes with pretty much everything. You can make it be fancy, or throw it on with a plain v-neck and spruce up your casual look.

The way the wind was catching my skirt was so amazing. To tell the truth I don't really wear that many long dresses or maxi's per say, but I think I'm going to start now because they look so stunning on. Plus if you're on the taller side like me, they really do look super nice and elongate you even more.

I thought you might like to shop my eye makeup so have it listed right here for you to click on and see more of. For my eye brows I'm using all three forms: pencil, dip brow, powder all in "Caramel."

My absolute FAVE out of the close up shots! I can't believe my eyes popped as much as they did in this particular shot. I'm sure Kaitlyn gave me a little help, but for the most part I think it's the green wall I'm leaning against that's helping bring out that beautiful blue/green color even more. Just love it, it may be a new headshot of mine to use.

I hope you've enjoyed living through my fairytale with me. I've listed a few options below for you to look through that I thought was cute as well to give off that same dreamy goddess feel. If you want the exact one I'm wearing you can click the link at the top and it will take you there. Last for now all I want to say is if you don't as of now really wear long maxi dresses, give them a shot and try them out. They truly do make you feel so beautiful and accentuate your gorgeousness :)





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