All you Need to be Ready for the Beach

BEACH TOTE: Swoozies | TOWEL: Swoozies |SWIMSUIT: Victoria's Secret | FLIP FLOPS: Valentino via Nordstrom | SCRUNCHIE: Micale Lynn | SUNGLASSES: Henri Bendel

So who else is ready for Summer... because you know what that means, the BEACH!!!

Not gonna lie, living in Florida we get a pretty long "summer" season and lots of time to beach it up, but you need to have your bag prepped at all times.

Being a fair skin girl I burn easily so I'm stocked with all the sunscreens and lotions to protect my skin from burning! Take a look below to see exactly what I use and the products I like.

Like I mentioned my bag is always loaded with sunscreens or tanners. My go to product of the summer to help me get a little color is Australian Gold's bronzing oil. I like this particular product because it also has spf in it, and I most definitely need that! Secondly, the sunscreen I use always is Neutrogena "Wet Skin." This stuff works great for me from the options I've tested out. It can be applied to either wet or dry skin and it'll work. I usually first will use my AG and sun bath for a little and then spray this all over my body.

The other sunscreen that has been add to my collection since I started laser treatments is Neutrogena Sheer Zinc lotion. There is absolutely no sun getting through this block! I typically only use this around my bikini line, but it would make for a good all over body if you were looking not to try and tan at all.

Also, you'll never catch me without a chapstick usually EVER but especially never ever while at the beach. My lips get so dry in general it's just amplified while soaking up the sun, so I'm always re applying it to my lips to protect them as well. A new one I came across is Burt Bee's Flavor Crystals, this ones nice because it exfoliates at the same time. It actually has crystals in it so it's a bumpy texture, but I kind of like that. Another really good one I found to work well is by Coola. It's a little on the pricier side for chap sticks, but it contains spf as well and the flavors are really good and they work so to me it's worth it. Coola also has some really good sunscreens I like. The scents are amazing and they're really good quality. I've tried the body mist before and loved it, it's just a little to much for how much I go through so only treat myself to it for a fun trip. I do use their face sunscreen though, and it works great. That seems to last me longer and I don't even need to reapply that often through a days time. When it comes to face block it's really hard for me to find one that works because I have super sensitive skin especially under my eyes and everything burns. This Coola doesn't though, so it's the winner.

I will always have my wet brush with me too to detangle my strands after taking a dip in the water. My hair's so fine that if I don't brush it out right away it's gonna be a mess once it dries. Another trick I use before going to the beach is using a self tanner. The best I've tried out is from Kiehl's and Loreal. The Kiehl's is a really nice lotion that works in about 4hours. It gives you an instant glow without making you look orange at all. The Loreal Sublime wipes are something new I tried out and really really like. It's kind of crazy that a little towlette can give you such amazing color but it works, plus it leaves less of a self tanner scent on you after using! Also, I'll use these two products sometimes after a day at the beach to try and hide tan lines. The career I'm in I really can't let them be shown, plus they're not cute anyways so this takes care of the trick. Just apply to your un tanned areas and you're golden ;)

Click and Shop the products I use and maybe find a new favorite for you!

If you're liking this beach bag and towel maybe you saw I was doing a giveaway on Instagram just this past weekend for them. They're from Swoozies and are so cute! The bag is like a canvas tote, but the inside is shiny so easy to clean. Plus it's way big compared to how it looks which is awesome because your towels and everything will fit right inside. There's 2 pouches on the outside to keep your phone and sunnies easier accessible to you too.

And you always need to stay hydrated while soaking up the sun! This Corkcicle bottle is perfect for the beach or really any outing for that matter. This particular one actually holds an entire bottle of wine in it... I mentioned I love my wine right, lol! I actually haven't used this yet for any adult beverages, but it keeps my water cold all day which is exactly what you want when you're sweatin.

Ok y'all you might not believe me, but scrunchies are making a come back! I remember when I was little I would always have a scrunchie in my hair, and then it was like out of no where they were un cool I wouldn't be caught dead wearing one. But boy am I so excited that they're back in now and you bet I'm totally rocking them! This one is from Micale Lynn and I LOVE IT! It's the "Pineapple Delight" print and so cute, but I really like her scrunchies because they have a great hold on them. I don't need to use a regular pony holder first all I need is the scrunchie to throw my hair up and it'll keep my pony up and lifted! Love Love Love!

Oh, and LOVE anything PomPom or Tassel related!



(My suit is old, but I've linked some super cute new ones for you to shop)


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