Custom Made Toms

Y'all know that one of my hobbies I like to play around with in my spare time is rhinestoning and adding sparkle to a variety of things. Well, I thought rhinestoning up a pair of TOMS for Mother's Day would be the perfect gift this year for my mom. First off these slip ons are so cute in general, just love the pattern and colors together. I didn't add too much, but just enough to add a little sparkle and shine for my mama :)

You can see below more in detail the scalloped design, which was basically only 2 rows of stones, and just alternating the second row with every other stone to get the look.

Super simple and perfect!

Something so elegant and simple made my Mother's day for realsies though!!! She absolutely loved these and it was her first custom pair of TOMS. Mission accomplished because I wanted to make her feel special and surprise her with something out of the norm. She's gotten so many compliments and adores them!

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Orlando, FL