White Flutter Cold Shoulder

It's Summer beauties, and you know what that means... a lot of tank tops and shorts. Another trend that I'm loving this season is the cold shoulder! I think it's so great because it spruces up the plain old tank and adds a bit of sass appeal. This particular top is from Tobi. They have so many cute finds for super good prices. You definitely need to check them out, plus you get 50% OFF your first purchase so that's pretty much a done deal!

Bendel Girling it up per usual as well!

This Jetsetter backpack is amazing in so many ways. First of all it's a great size yet not extremely big and bulky. My 13" Macbook fits in it which is great. Also, have you really ever seen a backpack this stylish before... I didn't think so ;)

My ultimate fave phone case, it def was made for me. It's from Casetify, there's so many cute and fun cases to choose from.

Ok and these shorts, omg to die for!!!

These are def my fave denim shorts of the year. I love the light jean color and the floral embroidery, so so pretty. You can get them at Nordstrom.

Happy summer friends and enjoy mixing up your tank of choice style.




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