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A Performer's Life

Do you have what it takes to make it as a performer?

Speaking from experience, you ask yourself this question over and over again and it's never ending. Trying to make it as a professional performer is TOUGH that's for sure, but if you have the drive and passion behind it motivating you, you WILL get there!

A Performer's Life

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A short little backstory about me:

I grew up dancing since I was 3yrs old and never have stopped. During my younger years, people probably had a nice chuckle when I said my dream was to be a professional dancer because let's be real... I wasn't that impressive when I was little. The time and dedication it took from myself and several others constantly giving me their love and support gave me that drive that's needed! I have been so blessed throughout my life with the opportunities that have brought themselves to me, and couldn't be more grateful for those experiences.

So to get to the point of this post... I just wanted to kind of run down my top 3 tips/advice if your that "younger me" wanting to pursue a career in acting, singing, or dancing and what it really takes to turn yourself into more than "Just a Number!"

1. Perseverance

You must have the self dedication it takes to push yourself. I've always said, you have to believe in yourself for others to believe in you. That's always been a nice reminder for me, to remember that I am capable and deserving of many things as long as I put the time in that's needed. It's the drive you put forth that changes you and makes other see it in you.

2. Positivity

I can't stress this one enough! It is so incredibly easy to get sucked into a negative path and all you see from that is a downward spiral. Going through audition process one after the next, getting told "No Thank You" time after time can really start to way on you. It's HARD don't get me wrong... I'm not here to say I haven't ever sat and cried because I didn't get it or got super upset because they chose someone else over me. I have and it sucks! What you need to remind yourself in these moments is just that it's not a right fit for now. That's extremely tough I know, but if you change the way you look at the big picture it makes it better for you to continue to push yourself to be better or stronger or whatever it is that's needed to light that fire under you and change something for the better.

3. Courage

This semi goes along the lines of 1 & 2 put together. Obviously the more you practice or train the stronger you'll be at your skill. When you feel good, you usually have a very positive outlook on life in general. Am I wrong? Shining that bright beautiful light of graciousness in an audition will get you further than you know! You don't necessarily have to be the best one in the room, but if your personality is shining you better believe that's going to make you stand out. So have that courage and faith within yourself to SHINE.

For Example:

I'll be 100% real with you all right now, I am a Dancer who can Sing. If y'all are amongst the performing arts world you know exactly what I mean by that, if you're not it probably sounds to you that I can do it all. This is not that case in any means, lol. Yes, dancing is my number one talent what I've grown up training in. Singing on the other hand, not so much. It's scares me half to death to go to a singing audition because I'm not technically trained. And boy is it easy to get intimidated while sitting and waiting to sing when all you have are amazing voices belting around you. YIKES. The only way I'm ever going to get better and break this fear is by going and continuing to try though! Trust me it sucks to suck, but who knows, maybe that's all in your head and you'll never know unless you put yourself out there.

Radio City Christmas Spectacular

A Performer's Life
A Performer's Life
A Performer's Life

Disney's Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage

A Performer's Life

For the First Time in Forever a Frozen Singalong

A Performer's Life

Rivers of Light

A Performer's Life
A Performer's Life
A Performer's Life

I don't want to drag this on forever because I could give you example after example, but let's say I stopped trying to be a Rockette after my first audition ever and called it quits. Well then, 4 years later I never would've become a Rockette! See what I'm saying...

"If you keep on Believing a Dream that you Wish will Come True" - Cinderella



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