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Blue Babydoll

Have you ever had that moment when seeing something, thinking to yourself that belongs on a teddybear? Well when first seeing this adorable little dress that's what went through my head lol. This dress is absolutely precious and I had to have it as soon as I saw it!

The babydoll style kills me, because duh I love all things as girly as they come. Plus the white floral lace detail across the arms and chest adds the finishing touches to this dress. Oh and the best thing is that this dress is under $20!!!

Blue Babydoll

Blue Babydoll

Burly is always wanting in the picture, because of course he's the star of the show ;)

Love this little boy so much!

Blue Babydoll

Blue Babydoll

This dress is just great for Summer too, because it's so breezy. Simple and easy! Head over to to shop it yourself. It also comes in pink! I'm wearing it in a small, which fits perfectly. The only place it's a little tight at is around my arms... you know from my bulging biceps lol, the lace just doesn't have any stretch.

My wedges are Kate Spade. I mean the bows make this look even more girly... obsessed.

On top of my out fit details, I want to share with you all that this day was a very big day for me as well. It was my very first contract talk at work. Luckily everything went well, and I got renewed! #THANKFUL

It keeps getting better, my baby was so sweet and surprised me with flowers once I got home and had a wonderful evening planned ahead. Love it when he makes me feel like a total princess.

Blue Babydoll

Blue Babydoll

He ended up taking me to Hillstone, in Winter Park, for dinner. This place was delicious, and had an amazing outdoor view. Thank goodness it was such a pretty evening out for FL so we got to sit outside for dinner and drinks to enjoy the lake view and breeze. The funny thing was I had been wanting to try this place out for awhile, and he had no idea. It's like he read my mind! Guess he's around me enough to really get me ;)

Anyways... if you liked any part of my look simply Click to Shop below or check this exact dress out HERE.



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