One Outfit Two Looks

Hey friends,

So today I want firstly want to show off my flowy floral OTS top to y'all, but secondly how easily I changed up the look to this out fit.

I'm loving this top right now, because it's so pretty and delicate looking, plus off the shoulders I'm obsessed with currently. This is from Stitch and Arrow, the boutique I just told y'all about a few posts back. Again, if you live in the Orlando area GO check them out!

My accessories I chose for this look are super bright and fun too. You would be able to go many routes with the color scheme that's going on here, but I chose playful because why not ;)

I've had many of you ask what lip stick/color I'm wearing lately. I've been rocking my Lipsense in a mix of Aussierose and Roseberry like none other. Thanks to my girl Brook for filling me in about these magical little beauties. They honestly are GREAT! I was skeptical at first, but I gave it a try and love it. I can put my color on once in the morning and I'm not lying to you it will stay on ALL day. I simply reapply the gloss throughout the day so my lips don't feel dry and that's it.

I'm more than happy to share any details with you, but go check my friend's IG out for the best deets @countryglamour_lips or FB @countryglamour

So now that you've seen how I normally would dress this casual look up to feel cute and glammy, see below how a little weather difficulties can change this into something still cute, but def more casual.

I think the obvious is, is that I simply changed up my shoes from some summer wedges to these adorable pink Hunter rain boots and added in but of course my darling Minnie Mouse umbrella. But seriously doesn't it make this look have a completely different vibe?! I think so

Now that you can see how easy it is to change up a look, give it a try! You can do this with many things such as the accessories instead of the shoes, or maybe take some cute white Keds to throw on for that simple look when you minus the rain. So many options, sometimes it's just hard to see it when you have one particular look in mind.

Mix it up!



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