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5 Easy Summer Dresses

Hey y'all,

So I thought it would be nice to share with you my 5 top dress picks for Summer! I know what you're probably thinking..."Like Laura, it's now August so we need to get ready for Fall"... but who am I trying to kid it's still HOTTER than heck down here in FL so Summer vibes continue!

So if you live in FL you know most times it's just easier to rock a dress, but for those of you who don't really get how hot and muggy it is down in this region when you come for vacation you'll understand why dresses are the best.

First up this little babydoll shift dress. I absolutely love a good shift dress because it's nice a breezy, yet still looks super cute without seeming like you're wearing a potato sack. This one particularly I think is so cute because of the white floral lace trim. You can find this dress on Shein for under $20!!! YES, under $20!

Second up, this off the shoulder hot pink dress. First of all, y'all know how much I love an OTS, but seeing that this is my favorite color along with this beautiful embroidery top it totally won me over. I found this one at Stitch and Arrow here in Orlando, but there's several others out that that are similar. The brand is "Umgee" if you end up coming across it else where.

Next in line is this Goodnight Macaroon cold shoulder shift dress. Again the shift wins, but I mean this print come on it's perfs for Summer or your island getaway. keeping it a little extra breezy with the cold shoulder is always helpful for those super hot days.

Once again another OTS shift dress! This one I found at Zara at Disney Springs for under $30. I just love the ruffled layered sleeves and the ruffle trim bottom! This dress is so comfy and can be worn how I'm showing you below nice and breezy or you could belt it to cinch in the waist.

Last on my top 5 picks is this Jardin by Marcis 'Emma' OTS Maxi dress. I think if I had to say there was a particular dress made just for me, it would have to be this one! The pink, the floral print, the OTS I LOVE it ALL! And I'm not sure what exact material this is made out of, I could prolly find it out, but it is amazing. It's so soft and light weight. I most def have worn this on repeat the most this Summer!

Now that I've shared my top 5 picks with you if you don't already own any of these styles I def recommend you finding one of these to test out for the rest of the Summer season. For sizing reference I'm wearing a small in all of these looks.



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