Our California Adventure

Ok friends, so if you haven't heard that we made a quick trip out to Cali then you must be living under a rock because I haven't shut up about it and I've been posting nonstop. But anyways, yeah it was kinda a last minute decision to go out to Disneyland for my birthday! We figured flights weren't terrible, I had vacation days to use at work, and getting into the park was no problem so why not.

I'm so so happy that we jumped on this, because it was magical... as cheesy at that sounds it was ;)

I've always have been a Disney lover and that'll never change, but Larry not so much. He likes going and enjoys it because I love it, but it's not easy getting him to go play at the theme parks typically. He had never been to Disneyland tho, so he was actually really excited to experience it. It was so so fun and as you'll see below we had just a little bit of a GREAT time!

We went to California Adventure the first day and started bright and early. Disneyland still does fastpass the old way so we wanted to rush to Guardians of the Galaxy or Cars first to get one for those attractions. Cars Land was so cute and I think Larry really loved this section. I mean race cars and dirt bikes is a big part of his life, so it makes sense. I was so excited everything was already decked out in holiday attire... Christmas time is my absolute favorite!

How cute is this little snowbug though?!! Awe I loved it so much.

Me And You baby, Me And You!

Of course Larry got a huge kick out of this... lol sometimes I don't think he'll ever grow up, but I sure do love him :)

Fun in front of the Christmas tree because why wouldn't you :)

And my scrumptious gingerbread Mickey caramel apple! OMG, I don't usually get these but boy was this delicious. It was covered in gingerbread flavored sugar then white chocolate and caramel... talk about sweet tooth. It was so cute tho I had to have it.

Made a trip out later that evening to Huntington Beach. Where I use to live! It's so pretty out there, but sure has built up since I was there.

Of course I have to show you my rose gold accessories that topped my look for the park. These ears were my special Birthday ears I had custom made by MagicCastle_Ears. You can find her on IG, she has such cute ideas and they're great quality! Just love the sprinkles on these, adorable!!!

Then obviously I had to use my custom made rose gold Leather Satchel backpack for the park. This bag is so great because it's simple and easy to use, light weight, and I can fit so much in it. I packed my wallet and phone along with 2 hoodies and a water bottle in here. You can also find them on IG or check them out on their website: http://www.leathersatchel.com

And obviously the first thing I had to do once in Disneyland was get a pic in front of the castle! Sleeping Beauty's Castle is so cute and tiny compared to Cinderella's, but it's still so magical.

Always beveling... guess that's the Rockette in me ;)

These Mickey beignets were DELIC!!! We don't have these in FL, so had to get some while in the New Orleans section. So yummy. Larry had the great idea of tearing them into lil pieces and shaking up the bag so it was COATED in powder sugar!!! YUM! I just had to get my pic first lol.

Then of course I wanted the iconic pic of me holding the entire bunch of balloons.. if only the guy would've given me a lil more slack. Oh wells.

Birthday Cake...

On our way out we stopped in Long Beach for lunch and this was our view. I'd say this is pretty awesome to look at and could take on the daily. So peaceful and relaxing.

Our trip was most definitely amazing and was the perfect little get away. We had only 3 days before I need to be back for work, but it was the best mini vacation ever!

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