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My Go To Manicure

My Go To Manicure

My Go To Manicure

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Sweater: Goodnight Macaroon | Jeans: AG | Boots: Ugg |Nails: SNS dip Pink (199) Glitter (213)

Hey there friends!

So I thought this might interest some of you who love getting your nails done. I've been getting lots of questions on what I get done when I go to the nail salon so I'm dishing all my secrets.

First off, I'm a big believer that the salon you go to matters for sure! And if you find someone in there you connect with more use them all the time because they'll do a better job making them perfect. I know it's hard to make an appointment in advance all the time, I have a bad habit of just wanting to just walk in when I feel like it but I hate it when my guy isn't available so I really try to call and schedule a time.

I most recently have been getting a SNS manicure. I absolutely love this dip powder technique because they last! I use to get Gel, but it would sometimes chip after a few days or my nails would break because so thin. The SNS definitely makes them a little thicker, but not in a crazy way where they seem fake. I like that they're stronger especially with all my jobs I run to... they use to break so easily when changing costumes but that's not a worry anymore.

I particularly love an Oval shape nail myself. That's what I always get. The rounded edges help to elongate you finger which makes them look slimmer too.

Now for my polish. I have been obsessed with this iridescent glitter! Seriously I've gotten it done the last 3 times I've gone to the salon. I mean we all know that I love anything that sparkles, but since I need to keep a neutral nail for work all the time I spruce it up a little with this glitter. This time I also added a dip of light pink to give it just a little color. I'm not sure the names of the powder, but incase the numbers are the same at all places the Pink is 199, and the Glitter is 213. I got 1 dip of the pink and 2 of the glitter top coat.

I think that's about it as for what I get done as my go to manicure. Like I said for work reasons I always have to keep it pretty basic, but the dip powder comes in a variety of colors so you definitely could get a nice holiday red for the season too. If you think of any other questions about your manicure and you wanna ask, feel free to contact me.



Oh yeah, I almost forgot to give ya the deets on my sweater too. It's another Goodnight Macaroon find, but I love it so much because of the lace up detailing. It's something so simple, but it's fun and changes up a normal sweater into something interesting. Shop my look below :)


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