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Holiday Faves & Traditions

Holiday Faves & Traditions

Holiday Faves & Traditions

Holiday Faves & Traditions

So is anyone else in complete denial that Christmas is already here?

Because I am!!!

Like seriously it came out of no where this year for me. It's probably because my schedule has been so crazy due to work. Honestly though I just finished getting my trees up and holiday decor out around the house within this last week... which is so late to me, but hey there up now and the house is full of cheer.

Has anyone else felt this way this year?

Anyways, I wanna know what y'all's traditions and faves of the season are.

For instance, I love listening to Christmas tunes while decorating the tree or wrapping presents. Spotify is great for this hobby of mine, always gives you a variety of holiday options for your current mood.

Watching holiday movies are an obvious must too! I can never get enough, even if they're just playing in the background while cooking, baking, or tiding up I just love having them on.

Speaking of holiday movies what's your faves?

My top 5 are:

1. Elf

2. The Grinch

3. Christmas Vacation

4. The Holiday

5. Home Alone

I've watched Elf I don't even know how many times already, because guilty I just turn ABC Freeform on and watch whatever they chose to air, and it's usually Buddy on the screen lol. Love it!

Holiday Faves & Traditions
Holiday Faves & Traditions

Holiday Faves & Traditions

Holiday Faves & Traditions

Holiday Faves & Traditions

I'm still finishing up wrapping a few of my gifts for peeps... prolly cause I'm still waiting on things to get delivered. This year I really wanted to try and make all the presents look super nice under the tree so I actually went out and got special paper to match. I've always wanted to do this, but never have really achieved the look lol. It usually ends up being a mash up of festive paper, which is fun but the organized clean look is super pretty too.

Holiday Faves & Traditions

As the days get near I'm now prepping for the feast that'll be shared between Larry and I lol. So in my favor it doesn't have to be extravagant, but still a trip to the grocery store is needed. I got my cookie baking supplies ready! I ALWAYS make Sugar Cookies, they're my absolute FAVORITE! Then of course there will be Chocolate Chip and if Larry's lucky I'll throw in a batch of Peanut Butter ;)

Another fave of mine that's been a tradition since I was little is baking Molasses Cookies. I remember when I was a little girl my grandma and I would always bake cookies together, but these were the ones I looked forward to because she made them so good and I would cut out little gingerbread men in the dough. It was always so fun and something I cherished. I think I'd make her proud taking over the rolling pin for this holiday tradition.

While we keep getting closer to the big day, I hope you are feeling ready and your list is getting completed, but also take in the spirit of the season to warm your hearts. It really is a beautiful thing, all the joy that we all feel right now. Take that into your life and continue it into and through out the new year!

Have a Merry Christmas everyone!


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