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Pretty Punk edition

Outfit details

Dress: Romwe | Shirt: Tobi (similar HERE)| Backpack: Henri Bendel | Necklace: Henri Bendel | Bracelets: Henri Bendel | Cuff: Henri Bendel | Suitcase: Henri Bendel |Shoes: Vince Camuto (old, similar HERE, dream booties HERE)| Tights: Socktight Usa | Eyes: Anastasia | Lips: "Mehr" | Hair: T3 wand

Not sure about you, but I def have a little punk girl inside me, and this print that just released at Henri Bendel I'm DYING for!!!

It's girly yet has that edgy side to it. Izak def did a great job in my opinionon this collection for HB.

I fell in love with the travel backpack and the wheelie. I'm not gonna try to fool you, I only splurged on the backpack, in my dreams I own the wheelie though ;) It was the first thing I saw when I walked into the store the other day for my Bendel Babes Bruncheon and knew I had to have it! I've been using this bag for work and it's been amazing. I was in need of a backpack because my totes end up killing my shoulder with all the weight on one side of my body, but this bag serves the purpose of being cute and spacious enough for all my things.

Another big release is the light pink, which y'all know I'm a fan of! This little ring and bangle set is so adorbs, and had to add them to my collection. Also, really liking the fact that charms are trending again. These in particular are nice because yes they look big, but on they didn't bother me because they're so thin and light weight. Even the pretty punk statement necklace grabbed my attention right off the bat because the charms are so girly and cute, but the chunkier chain punks it up.

And you know how you've seen the bandana tied around peoples wrists before, well that's in too but these cuffs are nice and easy with a magnet closure. There's 3 different ones, my fave was the gingham print though.

Oh, and I can't forget to mention these sunglasses! Holy DIVA, Love them! These Veronica sunnies have an oversized square shape and are chuck full of baby stones throughout the front. Ahhh love love love!

If you desire you can get the entire scoop here on my YouTube haul:

Oh and also 2 more things I want to share with you all: my corduroy overhaul dress and these black tights...

First, how adorable is this little overhaul dress?! I thought it was so stinkin cute when I was searching on Romwe the other week and had to get it. Especially right now, I love styling it for the Valentines season. Here you can see it with the stripes, but also I've paired it with a nice baby pink long sleeve and it was so so cute. If the burgundy corduroy isn't your color no worries, it comes in a blush pink too which I almost got, but I went for this one instead. I'm wearing a size S.

Second, these are not your normal black throw on and go tights. These leggy beauties actually have sock bottoms so they're extra comfortable while wearing! Thank you Socktight USA. You're probably thinking, "Laura, this is ridiculous. Tights don't have or need sock feet." But oh YES they do! I was kinda skeptical at first with how these were gonna be, but once they got sent to me it was a game changer. They're multiple options to go along with the desired shoe of choice. Like in this look I have on the black in a vertical stripe pattern and boot sock bottom, and they were so comfortable on. Also, they have great support around your mid section and bum too. I'll have another post to show off other styles I got too, but wanted to let you know to check them out, because I promise you'll love them too. Oh and for reference, I'm in a size B (5'8" & 138lbs).


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