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That Natural Makeup Look

Makeup Details

Foundation: Tarte | Concealer: Tarte | Setting Powder: Laura Mercier | Powder: MAC | Eyebrow Pencil: Anastasia | Eyebrow Dip: Anastasia | Eyebrow Powder: Anastasia | Eyebrow Gel: Anastasia | Eyebrow Highlight: Anastasia| Eyeshadow: MAC | Eye Liner: MAC | Mascara: Too Faced | Contour: "Sculpt" "Harmony" | Blush: "Paaarty" | Highlight: "Emphasize" | Illuminating Highlight: Too Faced | Nude Eyeliner: MAC

Ok friends, so you asked and I finally got around to getting it to you. I have all the tips and tricks on how I get my "Natural" look while wearing makeup all here! I most definitely am wearing a face full, but there's still a way to make it look natural. Sometimes less is more, but when you still need to stand out, you gotta know what will make you pop.

All the products I used in this look are listed here for you and in the video you can see exactly how I use them. I'll list the steps here though for you as well, knowing that some do better with reading what to do next ;)

Steps to a Natural look:

1. Apply your foundation. Make sure to blend throughly and down your NECK!

- if using a sponge make sure to wet it and squeeze out the water. I like to use a towel to get extra water out

2. Concealer is next. Apply under eyes, bridge of nose, a dab on the chin, and a small triangle between eyebrows. Blend out with sponge.

3. Set with loose setting powder. A little will go a long way!

4. Eyebrows!

- pencil your shape

- use dip brow to fill in and make bold

- dust a little powder to make sure all is filled in

- set with clear gel

- outline with eyebrow highlighting pencil for them to pop even more

5. Sweep a light coat of face powder all over face and down neck.

6. Apply an eyeshadow shade that is natural for your skin tone all over lid

7. Line your eyes to stand out. Start on the outer lower corner and line lightly along lash line to the middle of the eye. Don't get waterline with black liner. Then go the top, start on the outer corner of your lid and line to inner corner. I like to make thicker on the outer for more of a cat eye look. Now you can use the black on the top portion of your waterline.

8. Add your mascara

9. Optional, to make your eyes look nice and big. Line the lower waterline and inner bottom corner/lash line with the nude eyeliner

10. Contouring... this is optional too, but if doing do it lightly. Use an angled brush apply in cheek hallows out to ear/hair line, under jaw and chin, and side corners of forehead. Use a small round brush for nose creases and make small line on the sides of the bridge of your nose. This give for a more petite nose. Basically wherever you think there would be a shadow...contour.

11. Add blush to the apples of your cheek. Sweep out along cheek bones to hair line. Can also do a little on forehead right near the contour.

12. Highlight time! For this step I go over the same areas where I applied my concealer. Think wherever light would hit you that's where you would highlight.

13. Put a little shine on your face with an illuminating highlighter. Dust lightly on tip of nose, middle section of the bridge of your nose, inner corner of eyes, top inner portion of the app of your cheeks, a dab on your chin, your cupids bow (heart of your lips), and if want the outer area of eyes. As you can tell I LOVE HIGHLIGHT lol.

14. Finish with your desired lipstick... I didn't have any with me so that's why it wasn't shown in video.

Applying falsies: Always an option that I choose lol. This is something I find very easy, but I have to remember I've been doing this since high school because of dance competitions. All you do is put a little bit of glue along the edge of the fake lash. Then I find it easiest to start at the outer corner and lie down closely along the lash line towards the inner portion of your eye. To widen your eye try placing the outer portion of the lash a little higher then the actual lash line and press up on the lashes as they dry.

I hope all of these insights on what I found helpful for me will help you out as well if you're looking for some new tips or tricks. Remember, you can watch it all in action above. Make sure to give the video a thumbs up if you found helpful and don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel to stay updated on all beauty, style, and fitness tips from yours truly.


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