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The Sephora Spring Bonus Event + Recent Beauty Picks

The Sephora Spring Bonus Event + Recent Beauty Picks

Beauty Picks

Eye Cream: Murad | Hydrating Serum: Murad | Primer: Fenty & Tatcha | Foundation: Tarte | Setting Powder: Laura Mercier | Dip Brow: Anastasia | Eyeliner: Kat Von D | Mascara: Tarte | Blush: Tarte | Highlighter: Too Faced | Eyelash Glue: House of Lashes | Lips: Buxom | Eyelash Curler: Tarte | Eyeshadow Palettes: Anastasia "Soft Glam", "Modern Renaissance", & Tarte "Mermaid" | Dry Shampoo: Bumble & Bumble | Powder Puff: Fenty | Glitter Face Mask: Glam Glow

Hey y'all,

so if your a VIB like me you already know that the Sephora Spring Bonus Event continues this weekend! Starting tomorrow, Friday 4/20, all beauty insider members will be able to receive a discount through the weekend. VIB member wills receive 15%Off & Beauty Insiders will get 10%Off through Monday, 4/23 on all purchases.

I wanted to let y'all know about this because of course I will be shopping the event to stock up on some of my fave products and also this is a great time to try new things out! I'm sharing some of my NEW beauty picks for you and giving you my two cents on them all. Also, learn some of my holy grail products that are a must in my regime!


I have been using these 2 products for quite some time now & absolutely LOVE them! Thank you Murad for bringing me an eye cream that I feel like actually helps with the under eye circles and fine lines. Also, for keeping my skin nice and hydrated, this serum is AMAZINGGG.

And who wouldn't love their nightly mask to be full of glitter?!? That's right, this Glam Glow mask is first of terrific, but secondly it looks so cool. I just love it. I use this about 1-2 times per week. I like to switch my masks up, but this is my fave.


As for my Holy Grail products I'll share those first because I absolutely hands down could not compete my look without these:

These items are part of my daily routine and I can never go without! The dipbrow is amazing for filling in my eyebrows. Yes, I have several steps to completing my brows, but if I had to choose 1 prod to do so this would be it. And OMG this setting powder ahhhh game changer! I had doubts before I purchased it because I honestly wasn't one to really use setting powder, and it's a lil pricy, but this is so so good & worth every penny. It sets my makeup beautifully and stays all day. What I love best is my under eyes along with my concealer! It has done wonders in that region. This liquid eyeliner is my got to to get a nice rich black outline of the eye and it's great for making wings ;) Also, it lasts all day. Lastly, this illuminating highlighter is just BEAUTIFUL!!! FAVE of all faves for sure and I love adding touches of this to my face to brighten and shine.

And just to dish a little about some of there newer prods that I'm still testing out and seeing if I really love:

Fenty & Tatcha primers

Both of these primers I enjoy, have I been able to tell a huge difference yet when using either one... no. I really enjoyed the Fenty and now I'm testing out the Tatcha because it's suppose to be great at covering and blurring. I will say that this one particularly feels thicker. I need to use more to really have an opinion, but the Fenty is very nice and lightweight and I feel like it blurs very well! Now, my old go to mascara was Too Faced "Better Than Sex", but lately I have been really digging this one from Tarte. I love how tiny the wand is. It's great for getting the corners of your eye, and the formula doesn't leave your lashes looking like spiders. It's very nice and coats thinly, but looks dramatic! Lastly, one of my newer eye shadow palettes struck me from the announcement. This "Soft Glam" palette is so so stunning. Her shades are always so pigmented which is great and lasts you much longer. I will say it has more nudy/peachy shades vs the "Modern Renaissance" pallet which has lots of mauvy/pink shades. I love both, just have been playing with color combos to find my new fave for a bit.

Well that's enough of me yapping about things I like, now you need to hop on the ball and get to the store! Or shop online like me ;) Don't miss out this weekend. Stick up and try new if your budget allows... I always wish mine allowed more lol.


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