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Designer or Dupe?

Designer or Dupe?

Alright y'all I got a pretty spot on well worth your read post here. I did the search to find you some amazing designer dupes. If you're anything like me you want that designer item, but you don't got the money for that so dupe it is!!! These are def some legit finds. Some I already own... that's the dupes I mean, & I absolutely LOVE them! Like the bendel bangle and the rose cocktail ring or the Brinkly cuff, I love them & have gotten so many compliments on them. Seriously I rocked some of my Styled Collection finds into work one day & my friends were like hey big balla, lol it made me feel so good. Little did they know it was dupes.. until I told them ;)

I got dupes for Cartier & David Yurman pieces that honestly are barely a noticeable difference. Some aren't exactly the same, but they're pretty spot on and no one even the boujie people are gonna notice unless you're examining like crazy. I recently discovered this site, The Styled Collection, and they have so many nice accessories that are totes worthy dupes. Also, Henri Bendel is giving ya some super similar pieces too! I got everything listed below:

Designer - Dupe Cartier "Love Bracelet" $4,500 - Henri Bendel "Screw You Baby Cuff" $98

Cartier "Love Bracelet Pave" $24,900 - Henri Bendel "Miss Bendel Pave Bangle" $148

Cartier "Love Ring" $1,650, with "3 Diamonds" $3,750 - The Styled Collection "Eternity Ring" $26

Henri Bendel "Carlyle Double Necklace" $98 - The Styled Collection "Cannes Multi Strand" $48

David Yurman "Albion Ring" $2,200 - The Styled Collection "Rosé Cocktail Ring" $38

David Yurman "Cable Classic Pearls" $1,900 - The Styled Collection "Logan Cuff" $38

David Yurman "X Bracelet" $525 - The Styled Collection "Charlotte Cuff" $27

Cartier "Juste un Clou Bracelet" $11,800 - The Styled Collection "Brixton Nail Bangle" $38

David Yurman "Cable Classic Diamonds" $1,125 - The Styled Collection "Brinkly Cuff" $31

David Yurman "Cable Buckle Bracelet" $750 - The Styled Collection "Ansley Bracelet" $39

Your welcome ;)

I know now you want to get all those dupes... don't worry I did the same damn thing! It's like how can you pass up such a great deal and look fancy as hell!?! Whoo time to be Boujie


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