Our Dallas Trip

Hi y'all,

So I know it's been a few weeks since our trip to Dallas... been a little busy with work and needing to get collaboration posts out on time, but I still wanted to share all the fun Larry & I had on our mini vaca!

So I'm not gonna lie it seems in this post that all we did was take pics of me, lol... don't get me wrong my sweetie was a great photographer for me, but I promise there's more to it.

As you can see my travel attire there already had to consist of my cowboy boots! I hadn't gotten to wear these babies in so long that I was like most def this is my shoe of choice for the entire trip! Love my Lucheses so much. Got these fab boots while on tour with Rockettes, and I got so much crap for spending so much on these but I have had them for so long now and they still are amazing quality and so comfy. Besides, they make an amazing statement am I right?!

This was Larry's big chance to be like me ;) lol His photo shoot moment was just slightly different than how mine go, but still I think he did a great job.

We ended up going to this little town called Roanoke for lunch, and omg it was so stinking cute! Imagine like an old western town, but slightly modernized... that was this place. There were so many little restaurants that we of course had to try, so we made a couple of visits. There was a burger place the was delicious, and omg the bbq was to DIE for!!! Margaritas at Taco's & Avocados, great and even the little cajun place was good and I'm not a huge fan of spicy.

One of the musts for Larry was stopping by Gas Monkey Garage and it's bar & grill. He loves that show so it was pretty neat that he got to visit the garage and see where it was. And the restaurant was delicious! We got the brisket grilled cheese, and omg AMAZING! I was such a fat kid on this trip I just couldn't help it lol.

Ok and this is one of my fave looks of the trip for sure! This yellow top is just beautiful and the eyelet detailing, ahh! I'll have everything linked at the end so you can easily shop my looks from Dallas don't worry ;)

This day was fun even though you wouldn't think these certain things would be lol. It started out with lunch at Hard 8 in Roanoke... ahhh sooooooo good! I think I ate all the meat on this trip lol. Then every time Larry was in TX working prior he would always tell me about Bucky's and how the jerky from there was the best. Well he took me to a Buckey's... Y'all it's a gas station, but not just your ordinary gas station. This place was like a Super Walmart that's how big this place was! UNREAL! But he wasn't lying the jerky was amazing and there was even like a deli over the counter to buy fresh jerky. Nuts and jams out the wazoo. Anything and everything you can think of they had it, even a little desert pastry shop right inside. I never would've thought I'd like a gas station so much lol.

After this we headed out to Fort Worth to see the Stockyards, or "Cowtown." Not maybe your ideal day to go to Cowtown, but honestly we had fun walking the historic streets and seeing where they hold the rodeos and the Hall of Fame of this western sport. It was the largest trading center of the South West. The best part of the trip was the cow parade, lol! It's actually a cattle drive, but I think what I named it is better.

That night we had to check out the Dallas Downtown scene... and honestly it was kind of lame.

We're not crazy goer outters or live for the night life, but honestly there really wasn't much besides a few restaurants. So we were a little let down, but we had fun at a couple bars.

I finally got to visit Reward Style headquarters on the trip! Honestly, I was just hoping for like a cute photo op set up just to show I was there, but I actually visited the legit office. It was a little crazy, I totally felt like I was stepping into the office like in Devil Wears Prada, so cool. So for those of you who don't know Reward Style is the monetization company that I'm a part of better known as "Like to Know it." So those links that you shop that I put out there for you, that's them ;)

Being a newer blogger still and finally getting accepted into their affiliation this was just really neat to me.

One more neat place Lar took me to was The West Village. It was this real cute outdoor shopping complex. So many cute little shops and restaurants. We ate at "MiCosina" I mean think this was my ultimate fave of the trip! We got a brisket quesadilla and jaw dropping mouth watering so so good! Like I want it again now just thinking about it. It was just such a beautiful day at this point the sun was still out but it wasn't super hot so we just walked and took in the sites. So nice to just be carefree.

If y'all are interested in seeing more from the trip you can always head to my Instagram, I posted constantly while out there. Hope you enjoyed hearing about our TX fun we had. Nothing crazy exciting, but it was just so nice to get away and be together. We had an absolute blast!

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