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Mid Summer Swim Edit

Hi friends,

I wanted to share some of my favorite swimwear of this summer with you. Seeing that it's already August. Like for reals though, where does the time go? Although, it is still plenty hot here in FL and I'll be able to go to the beach through November lol... I know that's not the case for all though so want to show off some of these fun swimmies before it's too late.

Mid Summer Swim Edit

Mid Summer Swim Edit

Mid Summer Swim Edit

Mid Summer Swim Edit

Girly Frills

This suit by far has been one of the most complimented every time I've worn it. If you read my prior post on this one piece then you know all about it. I just love how girly and cute it is though. And I'm not gonna lie, white scares me and this one gives me no problems.


Now this particular suit I was a little hesitant on at first. I'm not gonna lie, the polka dots kind of didn't set all that well with me, but the more I saw it popping up on my feed I began to like more and more. I was so happy when I found it for a fraction of the designer price while hunting online. I got this baby for like $15! Hah, Larry of course had to make a comment on how it looked like a circus outfit... which he's not really wrong lol. I think the large dots and the little pom poms dangling make it seem clownish, but it's still super cute!

Floral Chic

Ok this one!!! OMG just LOVE so much. I think the top is so stinking cute with the flower detailing and I have been a huge fan of the high waisted bikinis. I think a high waist with a high cut leg looks oh so good. Show off them gammies! The only downfall on this one is that they don't recommend wearing the top in the water which is kinda of stupid since its a SWIMSUIT, but I still had to have it and mine has gotten wet and is just fine.

Bandeau Basics

This little number is one of the best basic bikinis that I own! First, the material OMG... it is so incredibly soft, like buttery soft. It seriously is like wearing the silkiest softest bed sheets ever lol. Love this bandeau style because it's great for not getting tan lines. Being a performer that's always something I have to worry about, and it sucks but I love my jobs.

American Girl

Got this one for the 4th, and just really like how American girl vintage it makes me feel. Plus it was like $12, you can't beat that.

Ruffle OTS

So girly and cute. Love the OTS ruffle and the lace up down the front. Sexy and sweet at the same time, what's not to love.


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