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What's In My Bag: Summer edition

Hi lovelies,

I know we're about to wrap up summer, but I wanted to share what I got "inside my bag." My Louis Vuitton "Delightful MM" in the Damier Azur has been what I've been carrying on my shoulder, but what's inside this gorgeous little tote that keeps me going throughout these hotter than usual months... see for your self ;)

Summer Go To Bag

What's In My Bag: Summer edition

What's In My Bag: Summer edition

What's In My Bag: Summer edition

What's In My Bag: Summer edition

Inside My Bag

Yeah, I know I got lots in this sucker, but honestly it's so organized and neat that it doesn't feel like it. The thing that's made the biggest difference is this purse organizer! I'm not quite sure what I did before I purchased this. This organizer is so great because there's plenty of slots to hold your things and keep neat instead of how a normal tote everything just get's thrown in and sits at the bottom... LOVE THIS! I wanted to also show you how I have things played out in the organizer, because there's so much space you wouldn't even realize it just looking at it.

There's 7 slots on the interior alone, then you have 2 more on the front, and 1 big pocket on the back. You can see I carry quite a few lippies with me lol... they just start to build up in that slot and they fit so oh well. These are my go to's as of late. I always will have a hair tie with me! Never know when I'll need to thrown these long locks up. Hand lotion, sanitizer, perfume are usually always with me. The deodorant is an added addition for the summer months, because I'm always on the go and it's so darn hot that you just need to be prepped and ready to be fresh at all times. Again with being prepped, I always will have my toothbrush and tooth paste with me too, wether it's from drinking coffee and wanting fresh breath or if I get something caught during lunch or snacking... I find it easier to just always have on hand. Of course you gotta always be ready incase girl time hits, save you an embarrassing moment. Then sunnies are a no brainer along with your moneys and keys!

So so much in side this tote of mine, and still it does not feel heavy at all!

What I most am looking forward to is come fall, all I'll need to do to switch to my LV "Neverfull MM" is take out the organizer and plop it in the next bag! It's so perfect I can not say it enough. You can shop it HERE, it comes in many colors and sizes so you can find the best fit for your bags.

*I have the pink in size: L slender.

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