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So who else out there enjoys monogrammed things? To be quite honest I've always liked, but never really got into the trend for some until late. Now I absolutely LOVE me some monogrammed belongings! I wanted to share some of the particular items I've gotten most recently or the things I use the most from Shop iLove Jewelry.


This long sleeve has come in so handy for me for this FL Fall we're having because it's nice and light weight. Also, it has side slits which keeps in breezy and on trend too. Something nice and basic with a lil extra embroidery to make it special.


Ok, & who doesn't love the look of a cape?! Yeah are they your first go to, prolly not because I'm not gonna lie they're not that easy to wear while needing to strap on a purse, but they sure do look super cute. Loving this blush cape though so much!

PJ Pants

Always in need of some cute jammies & these fit the bill perfectly!


Love love love this tote bag! I got this earlier in the year for Spring & have been using throughout all the months. It's the perfect tote to make either your purse, or if you are a bag lady like me and need to carry more than one - this one is so nice! Also, it's a great designer dupe to the Channel tote that is crazy out of my budget. This would make for a really nice xmas gift too!


What chef doesn't need an apron in the kitchen?! Now, I'm not gonna lie I'm not a huge cook, but I will admit whenever I do get handsy in the kitchen I'm wearing an apron & this one is so so cute. The ruffles & polka dots are just adorable & so girly.

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Check they're IG out HERE & find some great xmas gifts for your friends or family!

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