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My On The Go Daily Look

Hi pretties,

So I just wanted to touch base with you all, because I've been getting asked a lot how I always am dressed up being so busy & TRUST, I am NOT! I am prolly the first to say you will always catch me in leggings. Being comfy is key in my opinion, especially being on the go all the time. I just want to wear easy casual things that look real cute.

Lately it's been super fluffy, soft, & cozy hoodies or pullovers, & if I'm trying to "dress it up" somewhat, I'll change that to a sweater. My daily look is leggings at some point during the day that's for sure. And right now, with our cold front that swept through FL I'm totes taking advantage and rocking all my cozy things! I love when someone is like it's not cold enough to be wearing that yet, & I tell them "I don't care, I'm wearing it because I can." I get all the smirks, & could careless lol.

I have a few different looks below that have definitely been a repeat for me multiple times with in the last couple weeks... oops. Again don't care, because I love these items & they're so soft & warm.

My On The Go Daily Look

My On The Go Daily Look

My On The Go Daily Look

See told ya - soft, cozy, & warm! Don't get me wrong I love to dress up too, but I work pretty much every single day... even if I'm off I'm working on content for y'all to bring you new things on my social platforms. So COMFY is KEY! So you do you, and don't care if someone tells you otherwise, because the only thing that matters is your happiness, & if wearing the same hoodie 2 days in a row is that - then you just go & do it!

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