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What I Got For Christmas

Merry Christmas friends!

I know it's over, but I'm pretending that it's not because I'm just not ready for it to be. I hope you all had a fabulous holiday with family & friends. Larry & I def had a wonderful time together, even though I was still working both Christmas Eve & Day.

We made the best of the time we could. We decided to cook our dinner for 2 on the Eve to enjoy since I would be working later the next day... and I ended up getting extended anyways so Larry did all of it & it was delicious! Like I was very impressed. I didn't realize I was living with a gourmet chef all this time. Little does he know, now I'm going to be requesting him to cook all the time! Once I was home though we had a lovely dinner & watched The Grinch... which is one of my favorite holiday movies. I was so excited for Santa's arrival the next morning though I barely slept & ended up getting up extra early. Secretly I had to help him set the presents under the tree ;) and get ready for work that morn. It was so nice though to have a little gift giving that morning prior to me heading to work. We saved the bigger things for that evening once I was home again. It was all so nice & easy going even though we didn't have the days off together. We both were able to call our families and wish everyone a Merry Christmas & hear the details of their day too which was great. Eventually one of these years I won't work the holiday & we can finally all be together... eventually lol.

I thought it would be fun though if I shared what Santa brought me this year with you all!

What I Got For Christmas

What I Got For Christmas

What I Got For Christmas

What I Got For Christmas


pj's: ShopiLoveJewelry - 15% off code: LACELOVEANDLAURA


necklace: BaubleBar | sweater: Vici Collection | slippers: Uggs | beanie: Free People | wide angle lens: Canon | mic: Movo | glopro microneedle attachment set: BeautyBio | glopro case: BeautyBio | lip attachment: BeautyBio | eye attachment: BeautyBio | face attachment: BeautyBio | body attachment: BeautyBio

There's lots of girly things in store, including this pink sweater! That's not the only adorable pink cozy thing Santa brought me though, there's super fluffy pompom beanie & unbelievably soft slipper socks! Also, the daintiest little rose gold layer necklace. There was more beauty things for my glopro... which if you haven't heard me talk about yet - OMG I LOVE my GLOPRO! I'll need to do a full on how to/review on it, but it's amazing & now I have more fun things to micro needle my face with! And we can't forget my new vlog equipment. This is prolly the biggest and most sweetest gift I got this year. My babes is so nice looking into all this techy stuff for me to make my set up better for my youtube vids, because I have no clue when it comes to that stuff & what I need. Like it hurts my brain to try & understand it all so I just don't lol. I got a new lens for the camera though which is super nice. It's a wide angel lens, that way when I do my try on hauls my screen doesn't cut me in half lol, also we hooked me up with a microphone too so the sound quality will be better! So so sweet & excited for him to do all the things for it to work for me, because seriously me trying to set it up... HAH there would be no sound probably. Oh also, one more thing I almost forgot to mention is about my princess blogger room's flooring. So back when, when we were painting my room we had talked about changing the wood floor too, I just didn't have the time & money to invest on it then. Well, now surprise my room is going to get a NEW floor! I'm so excited to make it look nicer & get it all finalized, it'll just take some time to finish the rest but it's getting there.

To see all of these things for yourself watch my vlog below! I promise it's much nicer than just reading about it all like a tease lol.

I hope you all have a fun & safe New Years & I'll be chatting with you come 2019! I got lots of things in store for the new year, so definitely subscribe to my blog if you haven't done so already.


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