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Start of the Year | Resolutions + Physique Update

Happy 2019 everyone!

I hope you all had an awesome holiday season & a wonderful New Year thus far. I know I'm sad to see the holidays go, but at the same time I'm so happy for the hustle & bustle to slow down (slightly). I really haven't done a simple chat sess through here before & I thought it would be nice to simply share my thoughts & resolutions for the new year.

So am I right, the new year begins & we all are so gun ho full of ambitions for ALL the changes to be made... I know I have been there! I took the time to actually sit down today though & spend some time thinking about what really is important to me & things I feel needs the most of my devotion to make the changes needed to be HAPPY! That is the number 1, hands down most important thing - TO BE HAPPY. Why in the heck would we make up resolutions otherwise if everything was fine & dandy? I have been blessed with many things & I am so grateful for all of it, but at the same time there's always room for personal growth, to make you find you just a little bit better.

Start of the Year | Resolutions + Physique Update


As I sat & thought to myself today these were the top 5 things I choose to focus on this year. Whether it be to change or just get more in tuned - I want to figure it out.

1. ME

LET IT GO! Figured it would be good to start listening to one my one main girl, Elsa & let that shit go. I'm not gonna lie being a performer & having some of the opportunities that I've been lucky enough to be apart of has led me to be a perfectionist. That's a good thing, but also has it's cons. I'll be the first to admit I will stress about the littlest things because I just want everything to be perfect. No matter what it is in life, I always want to details to fall in line how I have planned, but that's not life. I want to learn to just go with the flow & make it work, & I'm not gonna lie this is going to be a difficult one for me. Life is too short though & sweating about little things just isn't worth it.

2. Health

I've always been a very active person, even growing up. I grew up dancing like 6days a week, so constantly being on the go and pushing myself is something I'm use to. Well the only thing is with my schedule it gets so hard at times to see that I get my workouts in & it effects me so much. I'm not the same person if I can't release those endorphins. I love taking bar class & I love hitting the gym hard with some cardio & lifting. Finding the time is the hardest though. So I'm getting back on a schedule. So far I'm super proud of myself because I'm doing it, I just gotta keep this self motivation up. It's crazy how good you feel after killing yourself in an intense workout!

I also I kicking my butt into gear & shaping up on my diet. I've always have eaten pretty much whatever I want... being good equates to a salad or skipping out on desert, but let's be real I CAN NOT give up my PIZZA! This is still going to be true, but I'm going to crack down on myself & make my pizza cravings more of a treat rather than having almost twice a week. We shall see how this goes, but I think I'm going to try carb cycling for at least a month to see how that works for me. I haven't officially started it yet, but I'm gathering the info I need for me to have a good start to it. Figuring out my macros & alternating between 3 low carb days & 1 high carb day, then the cycle repeats. I'll keep you posted how it's going, but I figured why not test it out. I wanna tone it up - like I'm not complaining by any means, but for me personally I know where I can be & I want to get back to that.

3. Social

My main focus is to be ME when it comes to sharing with you all across all my accounts! It's so easy to get wrapped up in this social media game & you start to compare yourself to everyone else. "Why does my page not look as good? Why don't I have as many followers/subscribers? Why does it seem like I'm not growing?" It's a constant GAME of everyone being the same as everyone else. So I'm dedicating this year to really hone into my thoughts & bring you content that truly suits my personality to share with you. No more comparing or trying to be just like so & so, I'm being me.

4. Relationship

Relationships can be so rewarding & fill your heart, but they're also always a constant work in progress. I've been with my guy for 3 years now, & I will say we're prolly better than ever. Even though 99% of the time it's wonderful there's still that 1% filled with ups & downs. My goal for us this year is to "Accept & not Expect." I'll confess I get upset sometimes because I feel like my guy should be able to read my mind, but that's not fair or possible. Opening the communication is key I think for any relationship - not just with your significant other, but even with your friends. If there's something that's bothering you, be kind and gently bring the question to the surface to work it out together. Sometimes it'll get worked through easier than expected to be honest.

5. Budget

Now that the holidays are over, my wallet will be a lot happier too lol. Last year my budget was a huge focus for me & I am so proud to say I knocked out HALF of my credit card bills over 2018! Whoo hoo! Like that was a challenge in itself, but I did it. I still got a few to go, & that is what I'm going to tackle this year. One card at a time - all the extra a make in a week goes to the next one in line.


To elaborate on my 2nd resolution, I thought it would be a good to show y'all where I currently am. I said a lot about my goals & aspirations above and this is all honestly to make me feel more like me again. Just little tweaks that I'm able to control to give myself a little extra push. We all have things about ourselves that we love & hate. Some things we are stuck with, & some we have the capability in changing. So that's my challenge for you. If you are wanting to see change make SMALL goals that are attainable to reach & be determined to achieve. Just pick 2 things to start, whether it be to walk further from the parking lot into work or start counting calories... find something small that pushes you to be better & I promise those small changes will show in major ways you just gotta stick to it.

Start of the Year | Resolutions + Physique Update
Start of the Year | Resolutions + Physique Update


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