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Creating the Perfect Brow

Hey friends,

So I know quite a few of you have been asking how I do my eyebrows for awhile now & I thought it would be nice to just share my routine with y'all. I'm not gonna lie I feel like doing my eyebrows is the longest step in my makeup routine, but that's also because I'm anal & they have to be perfect. I'll go through my routine below - if you're more into watching a tutorial you can find it on my YouTube HERE!


So although it takes me the longest to do these, I can create my brow in 5 easy steps. I could totally cut a few of these steps out of my routine, but I think they add that little bit of extra to create a perfect defined locked in look.


Using my pencil I outline the start & end of my eyebrow. I have a lot to fill in when it comes to the center portion of my brows, & I feel like the pencil is a must in order to create the shape. It also helps make it look more natural rather than super drawn on. The starting point of your brow should go straight up from the crease of your nose. The end point is determined from the crease of your nose to the angel of the outer corner of you eye. Lastly the arch is created in the mid way point between the two.


After I have the shape made, I then go in with the dipbrow to fill in & make look full. This stuff is absolutely AMAZING & if you were to only use one of these products I would have to say it should be this one! This is the only thing I used for quite sometime & then I decided to make my eyebrow process longer lol. But for reals, this stuff is great.


After they're pretty much drawn on, I could be done here but I like to go in with my powder to fill in the extra little sheer spots. I'll brush the hairs in their opposite direction to see where they still need more filling in & I feel like the powder does a great job for this. It's not too harsh & you can go as light or as heavy as needed.



I like to use this clear brow gel to set my brow. You just did all of this work, you sure as hell don't want it to budge. They do make tinted brow gels, but I prefer the clear.


This is an optional step as well, but in my opinion I think this give your brow the extra pop & definition it deserves! Make your brows a statement, let them be fierce & frame your face! This dual highlight stick makes your arch look so defined and cleans up any smudges or flakes that may have occurred. You use the shimmer end first then use the matt side right over top. I blend out with a flat brush so it look even & not as harsh of a line.

And that is that! 5 easy steps, it really doesn't take that long it's just getting use to the products & how they apply & figuring out your perfect shape. All my products are from Anastasia Beverly Hills (they're linked below), & I use the shades "Caramel" & "Taupe." No worries though there are tons of shades to choose from.

Tutorial below:


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