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My Dream Room Makeover

Hi lovelies,

I have some real exciting things to share with y'all - well they're super exciting to me anyways...

My DREAM ROOM is finally coming together! It's been quite sometime and seems like it's taking way longer than needed to transform a room, but being as busy as I am or funds to get things I really wanted jut kept pushing it off. Not anymore though, see it transform yourself in my recent vlog HERE!

My Dream Room Makeover

Isn't she soooooo PRETTY?!!

Ugh, I'm sorry I just love it so much. I feel like such a business woman now too, lol. There's only a few more things we need to work on and fix. Like the window, never mind that for now. We're gonna change that out and plus I want to get some really pretty draping to make it look all princessy. I wouldn't have it any other way! Also, we've talked about chaining the floors and redoing the base boards. That'll all come in some more time, but for now how nice does it look though?

I'm so happy about this desk I found. It's from Pottery Barn Teen. That alone made me feel super fancy. I've never owned anything from Pottery Barn, so now I'm high class. It's the perfect size though, and love that there's a center pull drawer for me to hide my laptop in. Also, a new addition that I think helps complete the room is the blush bench. I absolutely love how this looks with my fluffy heart pillow I found at Target. So girly, yet upscaled. The last new piece I just added to the room is the glass corner table there by the window. I know you can't see it great in the pic, but in the video I get up close on all of this. It's so pretty though. It's three shelves, and the bottom is mirrored. I wanna use this for little decorations like a purse or two and maybe some flowers or jewelry stand. I have a few more little things I need to get all in place, but this is my dream room for now. I wanted share her with y'all, because it makes me so happy! I'm actually typing this blog post from my desk as we speak!!! My very first post from my Princess Blogger Room!

Feel free to watch Larry and I put it all together HERE. I also have everything decor listed below.


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