Details from Our Recent Trip to Atlanta

Hi friends,

As you prolly already know Lar and I just took a recent trip to Atlanta last weekend. I know I had been sharing all about it on my insta, but I thought I wrap it all up in here for you to get more of the scoop.

So we went up to ATL for supercross... which for those of you who may not know what that is - it's dirt bike racing. This is definitely a Larry thing, but I will admit I really do enjoy it too. Ever since we started dating we've been going to the race when it's in ATL, so it's like a ritual now. It's a lot of fun! A group of friends usually come with us or a few of them live there now so that's alway nice to get together. We usually make it a weekend shindig of it so we can do some more things while we're there.

So have you ever stayed in an Air B&B before? I know I'm late to the game in testing this out, but I must say it wasn't a terrible experience. I've been so against doing that because it kind creeps me out. We ended up finding a cute little house though that was near the stadium and we were able to fit all of our group in there, which made it extra fun. The only thing I def will do for the next time is bring my own bedding. I know everything was clean, but that was the only part that really didn't set with me. The house ended up being located right around the corner from a pretty popular street for night life. This was nice for going out, but also sucked when we wanted to go to bed. This area was very hipster. Lots of bars and restaurants, a few coffee shops. We ended up getting doughnuts from this place called Revolution the one morning, and OMG - these were the most amazing, most delicious doughnuts I have ever eaten! Like crazy good, soft, doughy, ugh I want one now! I tried the vanilla bean and of course I had to get the maple bacon too. Also, there was this diner we hit up, Thumbs Up, and they def got a thumbs up from me. Very retro and everything looked absolutely amazing. I know my cartelized peach french toast was!

We made time to do a little shopping, which I'm always ok with. I was pretty good as far as not going over board lol. Only bought from one store! Oh, also I was able to squeeze in getting to take a Bar class while I was there. The studio was right by the mall so it worked perfectly. It was so nice to visit another studio while out of town. It felt good to get a little workout in while on vaca. Oh and I can't forget to mention this rad motorcycle shop we ran across the one evening on our way to dinner. It was actually a coffee shop, but had an entire shop full of old school bikes. Of course my eyes went straight to the merch corner though and you'll see why below.

Below I'm just sharing a few looks I wore while on the trip. It decided to be winter again, so I got some more wear out of these cute sweaters ;)

sherpa: A&F | leggings: Gymshark | sunnies: RDB

leggings: Gymshark | sneakers: adidas | tank: Lululemon | jacket: Target

sweater: chicwich | jeans: ag via Nordstrom | sneakers: adidas | belt: gucci | purse: LV neverfull | hair bow: VS

sweater: RDB | jeans: AG | bracelets: TSC | necklaces: Miranda Frye | hair: T3 wand

leggings: Gymshark | sports bra: Gymshark

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