How To Create a Front Crown Braid

Hi friends,

Sharing a step by step on how create one of my most asked for hairstyles! I’m showing you how to create a front crown braid in a few simple steps.


First you need to move your hair over to one side of your head. Smooth over. Then take a rat tail/pick comb to creat the part. You’re basically parting your hair from front and back. I pull the back section into a ponytail for the time being to keep out of the way.


Take the front section and start to tease/back comb thin layers all the way across to the other side. This adds height and dimension to your braid... especially if your hair is thin like mine! After you get to the other side, just smooth over the top to take away the frizziness.


Start to french braid! No if french braiding is difficult for you, this may be the hard part, but it really isn't that bad. Start with a thin section of hair from the side flipped over the furthest. Then separate that into 3 parts! First, take the front piece of hair and cross it over the middle strand. Pick up another thin section of hair with the middle piece you just brought forward. Second, cross the back strand over the "new" middle strand and then add a thin section of hair to the back section. Continue to do this all the way across the front of your forehead. Once you get to opposite side pin the braid behind your ear. Make sure the bobby pins cross for the most secure grip.


You can leave the braid tight like how it is, or you can pull a part so it looks more full. Simply slide your fingers in and pull the braid in the opposite direction to loosen. You can then go to each individual section and pull out more that's desired.


Lock it in! I spray the heck out of the braid so it holds all day. After this you're done!

So there you go and now you know how I create the front crown braid! I also, have a tutorial on my youtube channel (click HERE) if watching may help with the steps better. I know we all learn differently. If you have questions feel free to comment below and I'll get back to you with a helpful answer hopefully ;) Also, if you give this hairstyle a try, I would love to know! Just comment below, or shoot me a DM on my Insta (click HERE).



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