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Spring Closet Clean Out

Hi friends,

This is something I've been wanting to do for quite a few weeks and I just haven't had the time. I was getting so annoyed seeing my closet a mess, and all those winter sweaters crammed in. They had to go! I like to do this for every season honestly, that way it doesn't get too full looking and it keeps your wardrobe fresh on a rotation.

Spring Closet Clean Out


Basically I jut started on one end of my rack with the things that were hanging up. I started to pull out the obvious winter wear items. Every time you do this is a good time to really think to yourself, "Do I love this? Do I need this?" I get rid of so much stuff every time I clear out because I find things that I just haven't worn in awhile and they're juts taking up space.

Some of you may have watched the hit Marie Kondo series of Tidying Up. I tried, and really wanted to be able to get through the series lol. It was just too hard for me to stay engaged throughout an episode. I will say I enjoyed some of her techniques though. As I went through and started pulling things, the items that I was debating to keep or throw out I took a little bit longer on. Her method is to feel out the the item. Does it bring you joy? Do you absolutely need? If the answer is no, then you give that particular item thanks for the time that it did bring joy to you and set it aside to get rid of. This sounds kind of silly, but honestly it was kind of nice as I was going through my items to think of the memories of when I really did love something.

We all have to declutter time to time, and sometimes we make it more of a hassle than an opportunity. It's about flipping it and seeing the glass half full. I was so happy after I got my closet all done! It looked so nice and organized. I even found some new things I forgot I had within the process.

As for the things I'm getting rid of, I will be listing quite a few for sale. For those of you who use Poshmark (HERE) or Ebay (HERE) I've attached my profiles so you can easily check out what I got out there to sell. Now if you've been following me long enough you know this, but for my new subscribers I'm crazy anal when it comes to my things. LOL. So that pretty much means I've worn some of these things once or twice and I'm over it. Terrible I know. It's a surprise to people if they see me wearing the same thing twice. So everything I got out there is in real nice condition, and if it has been worn more I'm honest with you and have place that in the descriptions. There's nothing worse than shopping gently used clothing sites, and the seller fails to be honest and tell you that their item is a piece of crap. Then it comes in the mail and you're so disappointed. So no worries there friends, I wouldn't do that to you.

You can see in full my Spring Closet Clean Out on my YouTube today! Watch the process, and stay tuned to find out what I'll be listing!


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