Tavi Noir Takeover + Giveaway

Hi friends,

If you follow me on the Insta then you know I recently just had a takeover on Tavi Noir's Instagram. Guys, this was so much fun! This was the first takeover I've actually done, but it was so nice to share the details of my day with a new crowd of people. It's quite surprising how interesting your day to day life just really is! Like prior to the takeover day, I was a little worried people would think my life on a day to day basis would be boring. Even for me as I watched back though, I was like dang this girl is on the go.

For those of you who don't know who Tavi Noir is, they are a sock company that makes products for barre classes. You know the socks with the sticky bits on the bottom! Tavi's are just the cutest that's all, and I'm not just saying that because of this collaboration. They really are! Besides the cute factor, their socks are great quality for holding up and also the stickiness of the bottoms are fantastic.

This particular collaboration meant a little more to me because I honestly have loved their products for quite sometime. I've been wearing Tavi grips for years now ever since we started carrying them in studio! Incase you guys don't know, I am a Bar Method instructor, so I live in these sticky socks. That's all I teach in. So when they wanted to create a little partnership with me, you can understand now how stoked I was. Pretty cool for sure.

Now lets get to the exciting news you'll want to know about, the giveaway! Yes, Tavi and I have collaborated to bring one lucky winner a new supply of socks for class and leisure. It's happening on my Instagram through noon today - so act fast if you haven't entered yet! the winner will be receiving six pairs of Tavi grips! Click HERE to easily enter!

You can shop some of their new Tropics collection HERE, or below I have some other fun styles and prints from them too!



Orlando, FL