Cruising' to Cozumel Overview

You read correctly, we went on our very first CRUISE!

Well, it was our first cruise Larry and I went on together, and we traveled to Cozumel, Mexico. We jut got back a few days ago from one of the most relaxing vacations I personally have had in a long time. Things have been so crazy lately, always making myself be on and busy with my extra side hustle has really been getting me. So being out in the middle of the ocean where I didn't really have a choice in the matter was actually really good for me.

We sailed on Royal Caribbean's Independence of the Seas and it was a really nice ship. I believe it's newly renovated, and you definitely could tell. To be honest it didn't even really feel like we were on a boat, that's how nice everything was done up. This was also our first time taking Royal Caribbean, and not that it wasn't a nice cruise line... I was just expecting more from them. I'm sure every ship is different. The two biggest let downs of our ship was the quality of the food and the entertainment, or lack there of. The food was whatever, nothing bad and nothing that great... besides the ice cream lol I'm always happy with that. We didn't upgrade any of our meals, so it is what it is. It just seemed a little under scale from where the standard should be for a 5 day cruise. Then when it comes to the entertainment, we were not impressed at all. Being a performer myself, I will admit I can be a little hard judging and critiquing, but the fact Larry agreed with me I knew I wasn't being over the top. It kind of felt like it was high school productions of the shows on board. There was one really good guy group who sang like a "Pitch Perfect" type of show, but other than that the dancers and the main headliner "Grease" were kind of a drab.

Moving onto more fun and exciting things though was pool time! We barely even took time in the pools, but laying out deck side soaking up that sun - now that we did do! Oh my, was this nice. Just to lay there in the breeze, looking at either the pool or ocean, ugh just beautiful. Oh, and don't forget cocktail in hand of course! Got me a little be of a tan and I felt complete glowing a little extra when we got dressed up for dinners.

*Two Piece from ViciCollection

* White Top from ViciCollection | Bikini from Lulu's

Now for the actual island. Cozumel was so beautiful in a simplistic way. Now I say beautiful speaking about being ocean front seeing the waves crash up into the coral reefs and rocky mountains. The enticing greens and palm trees just pulled you in. We ended up renting a dune buggy for the day and traveled the island basically hopping one stop to the next enjoying a margarita or cerveza at each of course. Couldn't do it any other way! Before we started out, we did make a stop for an authentic Mexican breakfast though. I mean typically Americans, we got pancakes still, but they were almost like corncake mix. Larry got strawberry and I got caramelized cinnamon banana, but omgoodness were these delicious!!! And the oj was freshly squeezed, ahhh I don't even really drink orange juice and this stuff was good. The main and most exciting stop of the trip was to Coconuts. So Larry has already been to this place and this is all he could talk about, was taking me here. I'm not gonna lie though it lived up to his hype. They had amazing food as well. I got a shrimp quesadilla that was to die for, and the margaritas... damn these were potent and delicious! The view was absolutely stunning. The restaurant actually sat up at the edge of the rocks over looking the ocean and there were tons of little pathways for other viewing points too. Definitely some amazing sights to be seen.

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Ok, there's so much more I want to share with you from the trip especially look wise... I gotta break up the posts. I realized I'm swarming y'all, so stay tuned for the next post come Monday for the rest of the deetz :)



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