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What is + How to Shop Posts

Hi Lovelies,

I feel like this information may be long over due for it's explanation, but I'm going to fix that so you all understand what the heck I'm talking about when I say ""

You're probably asking yourself what is Don't worry I promise you, you are not alone in this. is a monetization platform for us influencer to keep track of what our audience is loving and shopping from our content we're sharing. Basically, it's a way to share our looks or anything that is really with our followers and have them shop it for us influencers to make a small commission. Pretty sweet right?! Now, don't start thinking "dang, Laura's rich" because I most definitely am not, lol. When I say small it's a small profit, but hey it's something and I know I'm thankful for it! Before I started my influencing journey and even still today I use this app to discover great finds by others to shop and get those details brought to me in a simple screenshot on my mobile device.


What is + How to Shop Posts

1. DOWNLOAD the app ""

*it's free

2. SEARCH your favorite influencers, i.e. "LACELOVEANDLAURA"

3. FOLLOW them!

4. SCREENSHOT images

*on IG, FB, Pinterest, Twitter, blogs... anywhere you see an imagine with the heart icon or the caption read anything about in the description - that photo is enable and can be shopped in the app.

What is + How to Shop Posts

For instance take this photo above. All you would have to do to shop in the app is screenshot it! It shows that it's enabled in the app because it has the logo in the bottom corner. Also, like I mentioned if a photo doesn't have this logo (which happens often) it still may be shopable, just take a glimpse into the influencer's caption and it'll tell you right there :)


I'm not lying to you when I say it's the easiest thing ever! I absolutely how amazing this app is, simply for the convenience of having everything at your fingertips. If you would like a little more explanation of this feature, just watch my YT tutorial of! I take you through step by step what you need to do in order to help you find those things you see your favorite influencers sharing.


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