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GRWM | Pre Gym + Makeup

Hi everyone,

Trying to share some different things with y'all that I feel may interest you. I get questions now and then about where I find my motivation to go to the gym all the time, and things I do to prep myself for the workout. So I'm sharing with you my helpful tips that get my butt movin!


Know in advance that you want to workout the next day! The night before I'm always looking at my planner thinking of what the next day is going to entail and I try my best to give everything a time slot. I feel as if I do this I can be more on top of my day and actually get things done. Can I get an AMEN?! There's so many times where I've felt I've waisted the day away and since I've really been sticking to my personal schedule, I'm able to accomplish so much more.


Now, I'm not gonna lie this one can be a struggle for me some mornings. I am definitely more of a morning person, but at the same time I do like to stay up late. Once I get home from work, I usually still have some work I'd like to get done prior to the next day. Plus, I like to shower and get cleaned up ready for bed, and of course a girl needs to eat so there's that as well. If I leave enough time in the morning to actually take my time, that just sets my mood to have a better day in general! By this I mean, I love waking up and having my morning coffee while getting ready. Having those few extra minutes really can change your day completely around. No rushing, just a nice easy get yourself going and prepped for the day.

My preference when it comes to working out is getting it done and out of the way bright and early! I'd rather get to the gym or take class in the morning. It again helps set my mood for the day. Releasing those endorphins and breaking a sweat gives me a sense of accomplishment, which makes me happy. Plus I'm awake to work hard! Sometimes after a day of work, I'm already beat then to find the energy to expend at the gym... you no it's gonna be some half ass workout at this point.


This one is huge to me! I'm the type of girl who likes and most usually will wear makeup to the gym. There are days where I don't, but I also don't feel as "Hot Shit" either. There's something about doing my face that gives me that tiny boost of confidence and baby that's what you want when working out! ALL THE CONFIDENCE!!! Some days I do more, and some I do just a little, but feeling good about how you look is going carry yourself so much better. This also includes your attire. We all know I own a shit ton of athletic wear, I mean it kinda is my life lol, but piecing it together to make a fierce ass outfit is money! Again, making yourself feel like the shit is going to make yourself in return push to your extreme. Trust me, it works.

I wanted to demonstrate a morning in my shoes prior to the gym, so I put the GRWM together for you all to see. Make sure if you want more inspiration to check my YT for more beauty tutorials and fitness routines!


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