Shein Summer Swimsuit Haul

Hi again Lovelies,

I'm back with some more swimsuits for your summer needs! I feel like you can never have too many shimmies, am I right? Who's with me? In this little haul I'm going to be sharing ones I recently received from Shein. I know y'all have heard me talked about this company before, but I have never tried any shimmies from them before... and to be honest I am quite surprised!

The first thing I wanna say is that these bikinis are super affordable and with this being said I didn't know really what to expect coming to good quality swimwear. Well, for the most part the quality of these little cuties are actually quite nice! Seeing that they're like $10-$20!!! They fit pretty accurately too. I always have a hard time when swimmies come in sets, because I always need them smaller up top, but larger for the bottom... if ya know what I mean. These all came in sets, and I got them in Smalls. All of the tops fit me well, it's the bottoms that a few were a little tighter on the cheeks. I just popped a few threads though lol, now they're fine.

Take a peak below at them and the fun my bestie, Megs, and I had while doing this shoot. We worked so well together the other day banging these out in only an hour! HECK YES and THANK YOU! Best team work ever. A "Behind the Scenes" will be coming soon so stay tuned for that... lots of shenanigans + more images!

kimono | white stripes | black floral | leopard | white floral

How freaking cute and fun, right!?!

All of these bikinis are super playful and I'm quite impressed. I'll def be ordering more suits from Shein in the future now that I know the quality and fit are pretty dang good. You can't beat a $12 swimmie! Easily shop my suits with the widget below. Make sure to use code: SHSW165 for 15%off!

Also, while shopping Shein make sure to take a glance at their huge #SHEINBEACHSEASON gifting!

IT'S SHEIN TIME on my YouTube too!

Make sure to take a peak as I try all of these suits on for you and give you a little more in depth review on them.

There's also still time to enter the AMAZON gift card giveaway!

So many things happening ;)

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