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Drugstore Foundation Challenge

Hi lovelies,

I did some hunting and trying for you on this one. All last week I wore a different foundation each day to try and find the best drugstore brand compatible to those pricey prestige brands!

I purchased 7 different foundations from multiple brands. Covergirl, Maybelline, L'oreal, Revlon, and NYX were my decided picks to test out and review. I will admit, I was quite surprised with how great the wear of some of these were! Some not so much and I in my thoughts you should just pitch out.

Most lately I feel like my face has been rejecting products after I've been using them for a certain amount of time. It seems strange, but I really like my skin just gets use to something and then I need to switch it up again. I hate seeing my makeup sink into those tiny tiny lines, making them look worse than what they really are. I'm sure I'm not alone. There were def a few that I think were awesome and kept my face looking fresh most the day, but then a couple of them I just felt thick and cakey.

I got a full review on my youtube! Talking about them all and touching bas throughout the day on how each and everyone wore! Def watch it when you have a chance. My lighting is a little wonky in a few of those early morning first impressions, but I go into a full review of each and everyone otherwise.

I def was really happy with two of them! The Revlon color stay liquid matt and the NXY can't stop won't stop liquid were absolutely amazing. Faves hands down and will def be using in days to come. I like to switch it up day to day. I feel like that way my skin doesn't get use to one product then too quickly. I have "Classic Ivory" in almost every single brand lol. So that was one nice thing, that I'm pretty similar from brand to brand.

Let me know if you have a different drugstore foundation you have used or love!

I hope you enjoy the review. I plan to do a prestige foundation brand haul next :)




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