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At Home Jewelry Cleaner

Hi lovelies,

I was just doing a little reorganizing and sorting through of my jewelry a couple days ago. The amount of jewelry number 1 that I own is insane. I have so much of it stored away trying to protect it that I never wear it because I don't see it. Or number 2. it lays out because I wear it often and my dresser just looks like a mess...

Well I recently ordered these jewelry organizing inserts for my top dresser drawer and was seeing how I wanted to place things in them today, when I discovered most of my pieces tarnished to heck. Sad day. So as I placed my pieces away in the order I'm gonna test out for a bit I decided to do a little DIY cleaning on my pretties. I shared the before and afters in my IG stories and y'all were amazed! So I thought I'd share the solution for y'all here to try out for yourselves.

At Home Jewelry Cleaner

DIY Jewelry Cleansing Solution

1C water

1TBS salt

1TBS baking soda

1TBS dish soap

Bring the water to a boil, or all I did was heat it in the microwave for 2mins. Then add the other ingredients. It'll start to bubble and fizz right away... just like a potion the Evil Queen brewed up. Toss your jewels in the mix and let sit for about 10mins. After it's set for a bit dig out your jewelry with an old soft bristle toothbrush and gently scrub. Rinse off and dry with a lint free cloth. Voila, your jewelry is like new!

This worked on my silver plated pieces. My sterling silver pieces it didn't take as much on, but still helped from where they were. I hope this helps y'all in polishing up some of your items soon so they look nice and new as well.




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