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Booking Our Venue

One of the big steps has been checked off the list!

We found and booked our venue!!!

You might be wondering if you follow me on insta why it's taken me this long to share the scoop with y'all here... well the answer is, is that I suck. That's it. lol Something super exciting and big like this, and I totally dropped the ball. I'm sorry lovelies, and I'm gonna do better. It's like we're in a relationship, I must be better for y'all.

On this note, during quarantine we made the decision to finalize our search and book The Mulberry for our special day! So back story on venue hunting... it was a f'n process (insert monkey covering face emoji here). Seriously, we started looking online pretty soon after the proposal. I sent email after email inquiring details and dates they had available. Now with neither of us actually being from FL, it was a little more difficult because we had no clue of venues and our options. Thank goodness for Google and The Knot and some really good friends!

The one thing we both agreed upon was wanting to find something that was outdoor/indoor, or at least was partially covered. Y'all unless you are in the market or planning a wedding of your own, you have no freakin clue how expensive places are. It's insane! Most of the places ended up getting crossed off the list due to this reason. I mean yes, it's an extremely special day but in no way are we trying to break the bank that hard.

One of the things I appreciated happening the most prior to quarantine, was that Lar and I were able to physically go check out The Mulberry at New Smyrna Beach. I mean literally right before quarantine. Like the next day things were shut down. It was absolutely perfect though! Immediately as we pulled in, we both had a good feeling about it. This was a first. The first venue we both liked right off the bat. The main attraction is the beautiful rustic chic white barn. It's huge. The entire area is so spacious. There's other historic pluses that add to it's character. The tables, chairs, and bars are all made out of the oak trees from the property. It's just all so pretty. Another bonus is the renovated farmhouse that's on the property for the bridal party, and there's a loft above the barn for the groomsmen. It's honestly perfect!

Upon leaving our site visit, Lar actually told me "Yeah babe, go ahead and book it." Like omg, what?!! Then everything got crazy with shutting down and getting furloughed, thanks Covid... so things got put on hold. We waited about a month in half - two months until I reached out to check on dates. And we booked it! I think it was one of the happiest days I've had while during quarantine. There's been a few others that I'll be touching on too, so get excited for insights soon ;)

Also, I'm not revealing the date quite yet. We needed to figure out some other details prior and get save the dates made. I'll let you know we have plenty of time though...looking forward to fall 2021!

Continue to stay safe and healthy lovelies. The world has a lot going on these days, so find joy in the little things that brighten your days.




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