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DIY Face Mask

Hi lovelies,

I hope you all are doing well. It's just crazy how things have gotten with everything going on lately. I'm sure you all are taking the precautionary steps you should be if venturing out, but I thought I'd share an extra safety procedure with wearing a face mask.

Don't have a face mask? No Problem!

Don't know how to sew or own a sewing machine? No Problem!

Don't have actual sewing supplies or know what you could substitute? No Problem!

I got you taken care of lovies. This is a simple tutorial I decided to put together when I was in the process of making my family some masks of there own. I knew it would make the parents feel a little more at ease when needing to go out. Also, in some places it is mandatory now that you wear one... so I made due with what I had.

I got up an apron to make a few and also those little dust bags that come with your nice purses... well those work great too! Let me mention it again, you DO NOT need a sewing machine nor really know how to sew in general. If you're able to get the needle threaded, follow this and you're golden. You can use ribbon or bra straps as the elastic for around the ears. A nose guard isn't a must, but if you'd like and don't have wire you can use artificial flower stems or twisty ties. Also, the pocket is an option. It's nice so you can place a filter inside as an extra barrier while out.

I hope this finds you well if you're in need or wanting a mask. Please stay home and keep safe while we get through this together.




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