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Fairytale Wedding Shoes

Hi Lovelies,

If you have been paying attention to my IG then you know I have been on the hunt for the perfect wedding shoe. During this time being "At Home" I have ordered I don't even know how many pairs of heels from different companies and brands in the search for The Ones.

Well, I have said YES to the Dress and now I have said YES to my Fairytale Heels. They are beyond perfect!!! Like for realsies, straight up perfect.

Let me give you a little of the back story...

Months ago, prior to quarantine I was doin my thing scrollin on the grams, and came across these beauties. Immediately I sent them to my girls, being like OMG could you imagine if these were my heels?! It was love at first sight... kinda like with my LarBear. Anyways, you're prolly wondering why I didn't just order them right away. Well here's the thing... they're designer and you can just imagine otherwise.

Shoe after shoe came. They were pretty. They were too tall. They were too short. They hurt. They weren't my style. They didn't match the dress. The color was wrong. You name it, there continued to be a problem with every single one of them. So I broke down and did it. I ordered my dream shoe!

Watch to see for yourselves, my excitement, the beauty and perfection, and I'm sure you'll agree these were meant and made for me.

Continue to stay safe and healthy lovies!




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