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Huge Summer Shein Haul

What's better than getting some new clothing am I right Lovelies?!

Hello my pretties and thanks for seeing what I got inshore for you today. I just got some new things from Shein to add to the summer wardrobe... and boy do they hit the mark this time! I'm warning you, you will read and watch this and end up spending money. So if you're broke you may wanna stop, but you really shouldn't because what I got for ya, ahhh chef's kiss. Plus it's like super super affordable this go around.

Starting it out with one of my absolute faves is this sleek body con ribbed dress! Umm yes please. This on is so freakin dope and comes in a ton of colors. I will be ordering more. Seriously, this one is a must for your closet addition. It's easy, lightweight, versatile, and only $8!

Moving on to this cutie cute little sundress. I mean, how stinking cute is she?! Again comes in other colors, but I'm totally feeling the whole blue and white vibe right now. Prolly has something to do with the whole bride to be thing ya know ;) Love this tho, runs tts and so precious with the babydoll tiers.

Oh, oh don't you worry I'm not leaving out the swimwear. I got a lot in this package and I like them all in different ways. This one though is so fun and a total throw back. If you're like me, then you're so here for a little 90s/2000s come back. I mean all the tie dye, the scrunchies, the huge clunky sneakers, and let's not forget about the neon! This two tone one piece turned out way cuter on than I thought it was going to be, not gonna lie. Usually I'm not a fan of a one shoulder, but with this I so am... and the side ring, ughhh love it. Got this in a M (like most of my swimwear from Shein) and she fits great.

There's soooo soo much more lovelies, but I'm just gonna let you watch the full try on haul to see the rest. Trust, you will want to. It'll be a fun 10mins of your day ;)

Here's a few more to get ya excited about it.

Don't forget you can SAVE MONEY with my discount code! Use: T3LOVELAURA at Shein to save 15% off. So these items only range from $5 - $20, but still save where you can ya know! Easily click the pix or the items below to shop the haul and enjoy yourselves some new clothes, because you know what you deserve it!


Loving Laura


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