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LoveShackFancy x Target

Hi lovelies,

When I heard Loveshackfancy was collating with Target I got so excited!

I absolutely love this designer, but her prices are out of my budget on the norm. So of course I couldn't wait for this drop! I probably went a little crazy like I usually do with releases I just can't wait to get my hands on. It launched online last week on June 6... at 3a. Why in the world did it have to be that early? You better believe I was up and ready to buy though.

It was insane how quickly things sold out! I have some practice at quick shopping skills, but even this time I couldn't beat the system. I got everything in my cart in a total of 5minutes, and once I went to check item was gone. So of course I went back to add it in a different size. This is wear I messed up, because then two of the dresses were gone! OMG WHY (insert girl slapping her head emoji here). I was done risking it. I clicked BUY and the first order was complete. Yes, I said first order.

I went back to check on sizes in those few I missed out on. Some I got and some were gone. So after the 3rd purchase I said that was enough damage for now and tried to go back to sleep. Which of course was difficult with all my adrenalin pumping from my need to spend money.

Well, the dresses are in and I'm giving you a full review of the ones I got on my YT. I wanted to get this to you by tonight, because although they're pretty much sold out online they're suppose to launch in stores tomorrow, Monday June 15th. From what I've seen it's questionable if any of us will have any luck. I've seen other influencers with dresses saying they got them from their local stores and on they have some saying "in stock" at certain locations, but unable to add to cart for store pick up. So I'm not positive, but I know I'll be at mine bright and early in hopes to get the few I missed out on.

Stay tuned to see if I get lucky :)




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