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LTK DAY 2020

Year two for one of the biggest sales only for only users!

It's happening tomorrow, July 19th. I'm sharing a few finds that will be on the sale along with the brands to look forward to some huge savings.

Love me some F21! They always have super fun and trendy pieces that are inexpensive. I'm so here for these tie dye pieces. Like how cute and fun. Also, these baby vintage vibe purses! Absolutely love. There also is a candy pink, plus they're under $20.

Holy grail products that I seriously couldn't live without. The shape tape concealer is ultimately the best ever! Seriously, I use this everyday. It's a must! Also, if your a falsies gal, this eyelash glue is so so good. Love their blushes too. Nice and neutral, yet gives off the perfect amount of pink for a blushed glow.

The prettiest wrap bracelets I've ever owned. There's so many different styles and I love how versatile you can accessorize them. Super casual or the cuffs are def statements. New obsession, this apple watch band! I'll def be purchasing tomorrow.

Another retailer that I'm definitely going to be checking out is Nasty Gal. I've heard of them before, but honestly have never purchased from them. I found so many cute finds though! There's more linked in this photo on my

Seriously like my fave affordable shoe designer. These booties may seem out of season, but fall is right around the corner and you need! I have them in leopard print, and they hands down were my most worn bootie of fall 19'. Every girl should also have a pair of the simple ankle strap heel. They're a classic and go with absolutely everything. Loving the scalloped trim on these particularly.

There's so many more brands that are participating. Take a peak below to see them all. Make sure to head over to the LTK app today to start "liking" (saving) items that'll be part of the sale. This was it'll make it convenient, quick, and easy to shop come morning. Early bird gets the worm you know!

How To Use LTK

It's simple lovelies!

  1. download the free app HERE

  2. follow me "Lace Love and Laura"

  3. start taking screenshots

It's that easy :)

Most of my posts will always be LTK active. You'll be able to usually because in the caption it'll have the LTK info or sometimes I'll actually place the little heart icon at the bottom right corner. Once you screenshot these pix, all you need to do to find the product info is open the LTK app. It'll all be right there for you. You can do this with so many bloggers and other influencers you are inspired by. Also, just by clicking the images within my blog posts will also usually direct you to the product pages.

I hope this break down helped and made it a little more understandable on how to use. Once you start you won't stop, trust!

Have a lovely Saturday cuties and happy shopping tomorrow!




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